You know you were a teen in the 90s when………..

You know you were a teen in the 90s when………..

I loved growing up in the 80s and 90s. I was born in 1981 so I saw out the entirety of my teens in the 90s and I had an absolute blast! So here’s one for my fellow 90s teens (mainly the girls, sorry boys).

You wore:

  • Your standard look was a ‘uniform’ of black knee high boots, black leggings and a denim shirt (I couldn’t bring myself to buy one when they saw a revival recently).
  • You owned a pair of Dr Martens and referred to them as DM’s. (I once went to a club in my DM’s – paired with a long dress, what on earth was I thinking?)
  • You wore so much eyeliner you would wake in the morning and quite easily pass as a panda.
  • Heather shimmer by Rimmel was your lipstick of choice. If you wanted to be a bit different you’d go for its darker cousin Coffee shimmer.
  • You used ‘Sun in’ on your hair – didn’t you just love that yellow as straw look? Or maybe you were a Wella Shaders and Toners kinda girl.
  • You owned at least one choker. You probably attempted to cover your love bites with it too…..
  • And probably a collection of rings –  your boyfriends sovereign which you wore on your thumb, a claddagh and no doubt also a mood ring.
  • You had a necklace with 25 pesetas on it from your trip to Spain with your parents. Where you probably fell in love with a local boy, or fellow holiday maker, crying at the end of your summer romance because you were of course utterly heartbroken and unable to carry on without him. But that’s ok as you fell into the arms of the next unsuspecting Cool Water wearing, XR2 driving spotty faced youth to cross your path the moment you got home.
  • You owned at least one bodysuit. Even just thinking about those poppers on the crotch bring back horrific memories!
  • Satin shirts were the height of fashion.
  • As were perms. (I avoided that one thankfully, no poodle pics for me)
  • Your hair idol was Rachel from Friends

  • You wore a slip dress with a tight tshirt underneath it
  • You rocked a knee high socks/mini skirt combo – we have Cher from Clueless to thank for that one
  • A belly button piercing was the most coveted accessory like ever! It looked so cool shown off in little crop tops – until it got infected.
  • You put concealer on every single day, despite barely evening knowing what an eye bag was! (these days I need the expensive stuff and lots of it!)
  • CK One was the ultimate perfume to own. If you couldn’t get your hands on it White Musk from the Body Shop would have to do. And you absolutely reeked of Impulse sprays (cleverly used to disguise the smell of cigarette smoke – or so you thought)

Going Out

  • You could have a great night out on about a tenner, including a small bottle of vodka, 10 B&H, a burger and a cab home. HOW?
  • You had a tendency to hide your ‘going out’ clothes in your sleepover bag and sneak out with your mates the minute your mum dropped you off.
  • If you missed your curfew, there were no ‘home now’ texts, you were faced with an irate parent, probably in their slippers for added embarrassment, coming to hunt you down. (Yep happened to me on many an occasion)

At Home

  • Mizz, Just 17 and Bliss were your mags of choice. More was the holy grail of teen magazines and you regularly wondered how the hell you could achieve the sex goddess status it would take to fulfil the vast majority of the ‘positions of the fortnight’.
  • If you wanted to make a ‘private call’ your only option was to grab a handful of change and head to the phone box. Unless your parents were seriously loaded there were no mobiles for teens of the 90s.
  • If you were lucky enough to have the internet at home you’d be yelled at to disconnect it whenever your parents wanted to use the phone. And who can forget that horrific wailing noise it made as it tried to connect?
  • You thought MSN messenger was the ultimate in cool and you and your friends thought winding up randy blokes in chat rooms was hysterical.

At School

  • Your school hymn book was plastered with pictures of River Phoenix, Malcolm from Mizz, Will Wheaton, Keanu Reeves and Take That. As were your walls.
  • You passed around a well-thumbed copy of Forever by Judy Blume. Remember ‘Ralph’?
  • You had regular skirt length inspections. Usually involving kneeling on the floor while a teacher measured how many cm it was above your knees. Once that was over you promptly rolled the waistline back up again.

You Loved

  • Jared Leto from ‘My So Called Life’ (and had a girl crush on Claire Danes too).
  • You knew all the words to every song on the Jagged Little Pill album by Alanis Morisette (am I the only one who still does?)
  • And all the words to the films Clueless and Stand By Me off by heart.

      • You had a walkman. If you were really cool you had a Discman
      • You recorded the chart show onto cassettes to avoid paying for the latest hits.
      • Bands or jungle? I was a jungle girl myself, although listening to some of it now I understand why my mum called it a ‘noise’. Here’s a catchier tune from 1996 that isn’t quite as heavy. Remember this?

  • PJ and Duncan is how you first knew Ant and Dec and you sobbed when PJ was blinded in a freak paintballing accident.
  • Neil Patrick Harris (Barney from How I Met Your Mother) will forever be Doogie Howser M.D
  • Saved By the Bell was the ultimate in weekend morning tv

What else do you remember?

You know you were a teen in the 90s when...
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  1. JOanna @mumbalance
    November 7, 2014 / 8:15 pm

    Interesting insight into the UK in the 90s 🙂 I was born in 83 and brought up in post communist Poland. The only things I can really relate to is pair of martens (I had black and red ones) and Rachel from Friends as hair envy.

    • Mum Reinvented
      November 7, 2014 / 8:35 pm

      Ha ha the power of the Rachel cut and Dr Martens cross borders it seems 🙂

  2. November 7, 2014 / 8:48 pm

    Ha ha is it bad that I can tick at least half of these off?

    Its like ten thousands spoons when all you need is a knife.

    Its a death row pardon two minutes to late.

    But isnt it ironic


    • Mum Reinvented
      November 7, 2014 / 9:14 pm

      Ha ha I may need to change the intro to for girls and Tom!

  3. November 7, 2014 / 9:11 pm


    • Mum Reinvented
      November 7, 2014 / 9:14 pm

      Is it sad that I wouldn’t mind doing it all over again!?!

  4. November 7, 2014 / 9:40 pm

    This made me laugh a lot… All true! I did more of it than I care to mention.. 😉

    • Mum Reinvented
      November 8, 2014 / 8:17 am

      Ha ha glad I’m not the only one!

  5. November 8, 2014 / 12:17 am

    Oh yes I remember most of these. The slip dress and T shirt was one of my favourite items of clothing, loved Saved by the Bell and Just 17 and still know all the words to the songs on Jagged Little Pill. And Ralph – oh yes – cringing over that one still. I think I still have my copy of Forever and my Judy Blume books somewhere.

    • Mum Reinvented
      November 8, 2014 / 8:17 am

      Ha ha Ralph is a name that has been burned into my memory *cringe*

  6. November 8, 2014 / 2:43 pm

    That is brilliant! I found myself nodding along! Ahh the memories x

  7. November 10, 2014 / 12:16 pm

    Three words: Twilight Teaser lipstick.

  8. November 10, 2014 / 1:56 pm

    Oooh… so many memories here! I too used to go out with a long dress and my beloved DMs. Impulse, White Musk perfume, Rimmel lipstick…blasts from the past! Oh, and totally remember Ralph the appendage in Forever. That was ‘the’ book to have read. xxx

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  10. September 23, 2015 / 9:45 am

    Oh my goodness I’m a couple of years older than you but I could have written this! I went through a phase of being quite convinced that I would marry Malcolm one day 😉
    (Mostly) Yummy Mummy recently posted…The one with all the homeworkMy Profile

    • Mum Reinvented
      September 24, 2015 / 7:57 am

      Ha ha you never know maybe he’ll hunt you down 😉

  11. September 23, 2015 / 1:05 pm

    This brought back a lot of memories! Satin shirts, MSN, Pj and Duncan and OH GOD Sun-In! How was that stuff allowed on the shelves?!! My hair has only just recovered!


    • Mum Reinvented
      September 24, 2015 / 7:46 am

      Ha ha same here, it was horrendous stuff!

  12. March 13, 2016 / 9:19 am

    Ha this is hilarious! I was born in 86 so can only relate to most of this. Clueless and Saved By The Bell were my absolute faves. I lived in multicoloured leggings most of the time! xx #ShareItSunday

    • Mum Reinvented
      March 13, 2016 / 10:23 am

      Ha ha those were they days huh! x

  13. March 13, 2016 / 10:46 am

    Laughing at hiding going out clothes in sleeping bag!! Ha ha – we thought we were so clever! #shareitsunday

    • Mum Reinvented
      March 13, 2016 / 12:51 pm

      At least now we know what to watch for I guess 😉

  14. March 13, 2016 / 11:58 am

    Omg I still cringe when I see my perm photos.

    • Mum Reinvented
      March 13, 2016 / 12:51 pm

      Ha ha I always avoided perms, although my hair was pretty horrendous regardless to be honest!

  15. March 13, 2016 / 1:09 pm

    Brilliant posts! Even though I was born in the early nineties I wouldn’t say I grew up in them much as I was just too young to understand most of these. They did make me laugh though all the same! #ShareItSunday

    • Mum Reinvented
      March 13, 2016 / 4:47 pm

      Ha ha early 90s? Now you’re making me feel old 😉 x

  16. March 13, 2016 / 5:39 pm

    Wow that was a blast from the past!!! How different will the lists for our children be! #ShareItSunday

    • Mum Reinvented
      March 13, 2016 / 7:34 pm

      Ha ha I dread to think. It would probably all be smartphone/youtube/internet related that’s for sure!

  17. March 14, 2016 / 1:25 pm

    So funny. I was a bands girl. We used to spend a lot of time in Athena looking at magic eye posters and Body Shop spraying ourselves with Dewberry x

    • Mum Reinvented
      March 14, 2016 / 6:19 pm

      Ooh I’d forgotten about Athena. I used to spend hours in there! And Dewberry stuff from Body Shop. I might have to go in there and see if they still do it and have a sniff for old times sake!

    • Mum Reinvented
      March 15, 2016 / 10:51 am

      The more I read your twitter conversation about this post the more I’m remembering. Those were the days! x

  18. March 14, 2016 / 8:43 pm

    Oh wow some of these brought me back haha! PJ and Duncan, belly piercings, bodysuits and those magazines haha! I was into combat army trousers and crop tops, oh leggings, a baggy jumper and spice girl moon boots where more my thing. I never owned a pair of DM’s or knee high boots! #ShareitSunday

    • Mum Reinvented
      March 15, 2016 / 10:53 am

      Combat trousers and crop tops! Another one of my fashion fails. Love it!

  19. March 14, 2016 / 10:53 pm

    I was born in 1981 and this made me giggle. I loved chokers, I had a homemade velvet one – so cool. I loved Dewberry and Fuzzy peach the moved on to CK one. I loved cool waters too. I wish saved by the bell would make a come back! I spent a lot of time reading sweet valley high books too. Ah those were the days x
    Natalie recently posted…Feeling Optimistic – My Ordinary MomentsMy Profile

    • Mum Reinvented
      March 15, 2016 / 7:47 pm

      Another 1981 baby! The 90s were such a blast weren’t they! I could watch Saved by the Bell again, although not sure the actors would be quite as hot these days! x

  20. March 15, 2016 / 7:02 pm

    Oh boy! I was born in 1981 too! This made me laugh so much, I had chokers (yep, plural!!!) I had CK one AND white musk, and I loved Saved By The Bell! Wow, what memories! Thanks so much for writing this, it’s really great! 🙂

    • Mum Reinvented
      March 15, 2016 / 7:43 pm

      Yay another 1981 baby! I was beginning to think I was the only ‘proper oldie’ ha ha! The 90s were definitely full of fun!

  21. March 15, 2016 / 7:35 pm

    Oh this is brilliant!You have just described my teenage life.Heather Shimmer,awesome!I used to sneak my Mum’s fave satin nightie out to wear over my tight t-shirt she used to go nuts when she caught me x

    • Mum Reinvented
      March 15, 2016 / 7:42 pm

      Oh that did make me laugh! I bet the shops did a roaring trade in satin nighties in the 90s! x

  22. March 16, 2016 / 7:28 pm

    Oh I don’t even know where to start! I loved my peseta necklace and thought I was so cool with it – I had two coins on it and I think I’ve even got them in my jewelry box still (If I haven’t’ I’m going to be quite sad about that!)

    Brilliant post!
    Emma recently posted…Cyprus Wedding Season 2016 and the Photo BoothMy Profile

    • Mum Reinvented
      March 17, 2016 / 5:14 pm

      I was looking for peseta necklaces when I lived in Spain, never found one though! I was gonna get myself one – such a saddo! x

  23. Mum Reinvented
    March 25, 2016 / 7:57 pm

    Tell me about it, although the fashion for denim shirts, knee high boots and bomber jackets seems to have come back from the 90s again. My daughter (she’s 14) seems to think it’s the first time they’ve ever been worn, little does she know! x

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