My Word for 2015


A year ago I came across a post over on Dorky Mum about how she’d been introduced to the ‘Unravelling the Year Ahead’ workbook by Susannah Conway and knew that this year I’d be giving it a go myself. I bookmarked it and remembered it all these months later, which is somewhat surprising considering my memory is absolutely terrible.

The workbook takes a look at your past year, celebrates your triumphs and allows you to let go of the things you don’t want to take with you into the new year, before creating an image of what you want your new year to look like, how you will feel in it and prompts you to chose a word to represent your forthcoming year. At the same time Karin from Cafe Bebe has been using her great Embrace Happy group on Facebook to encourage us to do pretty much the same and as you can see I’ve settled on the word TRANSFORM.

I initially settled on ‘Change’, however I thought it didn’t quite hit the nail on the head in terms of what I was looking to capture. Transform however is what I want to do in so many ways. The way I work, the way I look, what I eat, how I feel. The list really is endless but instead of listing numerous New Year’s Resolutions the word encompasses all that I want to do in 2015.

So what am I hoping for 2015 to bring? Like I say, the list is pretty much endless, but workwise I want to start working for myself rather than other people. Infact I may even have my first client lined up and I came up with a business name today, so watch this space! Every year I say I want to lose weight but this year I have to. I want to transform myself into the fit and healthy 33 year old I should be, not the inactive lump I’ve become. I’m hiding behind my bulk and the old me, or maybe a new me, is waiting to emerge and take life by the balls. A lot of changing how I feel is to do with how I see myself, which will change as my confidence grows and my body changes, but I also need to change how I deal with my emotions. I’m so used to being on my own, not having anyone to talk to, bottling up my feelings and then snapping at the kids or the man. I need to find a way of dealing with what is probably depression but is manifesting itself as anger and frustration and again diet and exercise will help with that.

So here’s to a year of transformation. One that will allow me to remain true to myself yet grow into the person I want to be rather than hanging back and watching everyone else enjoy the ride.

Do you have a word for 2015?


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