Winter Car Tyre Tips for Safe Driving

Winter Car Tyre Tips for Safe Driving

Heading off to visit family and friends over the festive period? It’s easy to forget about the one thing we’re relying on to get us safely from house to house when we’re busy cramming presents into the boot, keeping the kids occupied on long car journeys and worrying what we’ve left behind. But our car is after all the one thing we can’t live without to safely transport us from A to B. Why then do we just jump straight in the car and off we go?

Of course while we do need to check all number of things on our cars before we set off. The oil, the brakes, the water levels etc. It’s our tyres that take the brunt of it when we drive. So how do we care for them during the colder months?

Cold Weather Tyres

Did you know you can get cold weather tyres? Not just for when it’s snowing, these tyres offer maximum safety and control over your car in cold conditions. Cold weather tyres have a deeper tread and are made out of a different material to normal car tyres. This ensures the tyres don’t tend to harden as much as your normal ones, giving you a better grip on the road when you’re moving.

While it’s not a legal requirement to fit winter tyres during the colder months here in the UK, they certainly come in handy during the dreaded snow and ice we tend to get a lot of each winter. In order to follow the legal requirements and to be safe on the road, you should replace your tyres and if budget is a concern you can buy cheap online tyres on Point S site.

Tyre Pressure

Another thing you need to consider during the winter months is your tyre pressure. They can drop quite substantially in cold weather, so it’s best to check and inflate them on a regular basis. Doing so up to the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure a safer drive.

With a little forward planning you can ensure any driving you do this winter will be as safe as it possibly can be. And remember if you’re worried about your tyres, get them checked before you drive.

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