What I’ve Read | July, August & September Edition

What I’ve Read | July, August & September Edition

I didn’t do a very good job with my monthly ‘What I’ve Read’ posts over the summer holidays did I? But I’m back with a bumper three month version. Packed full of the fab books I’ve read over the last few months. I won’t lie, there has been a lot of chick lit, but I’ve also started to read Harry Potter – only taken me 21 years! And there’s a few others in there I certainly wouldn’t class as chick lit. So grab yourself a cuppa, or a wine if you’re so inclined, get comfy and perhaps this roundup will help you find a few new books to add to your to be read list.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

That’s right, I’ve never read a Harry Potter book before. Well until now. I used to be all about the chick lit, but having ventured outside my comfort zone recently, I finally gave in to the teen’s nagging to at least give Harry Potter a try.

I realise I’m probably one of the last people in the world to read it, but for the uninitiated Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is the first book in the series. And follows Harry as he discovers he is infact a wizard and not destined to live with his horrendous aunt and uncle any longer. Off he goes to Hogwarts where he learns how to use his powers, meets new friends and makes a few enemies along the way. I must admit I loved it.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Which leads me swiftly on to the next book in the series. Having read the first book in just a few days, I couldn’t resist picking up Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Back at Hogwarts for his second year, Harry gets himself into even more scrapes than before. With a growing number of enemies and someone out to frame him, will he ever find out what the Chamber of Secrets is and who has opened it? Another great book I found myself completely immersed in. I’d definitely say I’m a Harry Potter convert.

This is Going to Hurt

Who hasn’t read Adam Kay’s account of his time as a junior doctor in This is Going to Hurt? Described as ‘Hilarious, horrifying and heartbreaking, this diary is everything you wanted to know – and more than a few things you didn’t – about life on and off the hospital ward.’ It certainly lives up to its description. I’ve found myself laughing, crying and cringing as I’ve read this brilliant book. If you haven’t read it, you must.

Whiskey in a Teacup

Ah Reese Witherspoon. I wasn’t sure I could love you any more. But I do. The teen always says she thinks I have a crush on Reese. Perhaps I do. But I just love her, the characters she plays and the films she produces. Even her instagram account is dreamy. So when I saw she’d released a coffee table style book, Whiskey in a Teacup, I couldn’t resist. The book shares how her Southern heritage impacts how she lives her life – from the clothes she wears to the traditions she holds dear. All with a sprinkling of magic from her grandmother Dorothea and her words of wisdom, recipes and more. It really is a lovely book, regardless of whether you’re a fan of Reese Witherspoon.

The Good People

The Good People is full of magic and superstition. After losing her husband, Nora struggles to care for her grandson. A boy who cannot walk or talk and screams for hours on end. On a mission to find out what happened to the happy healthy child he once was when her daughter was alive, Nora wonders if he is infact a changeling. Her thoughts fuelled by village gossip, she seeks the help of Nance, the village healer who specialises in the magic of the ‘old ways’. The new village priest tries to put a stop to Nance and her magical ways. But who will be able to ‘save’ Nora’s grandson, God or Nance? It’s one of those stories that is a little slow to start, but once it hooks you in you can’t put it down. It had me in tears by the end.

My Sisters and Me

My Sisters and Me is a feel good novel about sisterhood and second chances. Joining Willow Lane’s three daughters as they return to their home town to renovate their childhood home. With their mum away, they set about sprucing up the house and clearing out their teenage bedrooms. Among the memories, there are old wounds that need to be healed, not least because most of the town still believe they’re trouble. It’s a fab story I couldn’t help but get drawn into.

Dinner Party

Dinner Party is one you have to read if you fancy a giggle. It follows three couples as they take it in turns to host regular monthly dinner parties. But with an unexpected guest thrown into the mix things soon take a turn, leading to a re-examination of friendships and relationships. It’s funny, unexpected and may even lead you to re-examine your own friendships.

The Getaway Girls

The Getaway Girls is the sequel to The Runaway Wife, a favourite of mine. And it certainly didn’t take long for me to devour it. I fell in love with Connie and her bravery and determination to start over after years of putting up with a marriage which didn’t fulfil her needs back in the first book. The sequel just made me love her even more as she took to the road in a beaten up old camper van with two new friends in tow. With numerous scrapes and surprises along the way, it’s a fabulous read about starting over.

Escape to the Country

Escape to the Country was a great read for chick lit fans (yes it’s my guilty pleasure – that and chocolate and gin anyway). It follows journo Eleanor as she leaves the city for her home town after her personal and work life implodes. Once back in the quaint village of Cranley, she finds herself drawn to pop star Tom who’s hiding out in the local manor house – where her best friend just so happens to live. But with a menagerie to look after at her mums, a job to find, not to mention helping to renovate the manor and organise various charity events, will life get in the way of the connection they seem to have?

Poppy’s Place in the Sun

Poppy’s Place in the Sun transports you to France as Poppy up sticks to move to her ramshackle new home in the French countryside, rescue dogs in tow. With a lecherous solicitor, deranged goats, a giant dog that seems to knock on her door at 6am every morning and a brooding neighbour who doesn’t seem to want her around, things get off to a seriously bumpy start. But Poppy doesn’t give up that easy. Such a lovely story about heartache and new beginnings. The perfect easy read.

What have you read this month? Anything I need to add to my to be read list for next month?

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