Weight Loss Wednesday | The One Where I Gain

Weight Loss Wednesday | The One Where I Gain


This week saw my first gain since I started back on Slimming World in February and I can’t say I wasn’t expecting it. We had visitors and of course that meant a meal out, wine and a rather delicious meal that I made here on their first night.

That alone wouldn’t have affected my weight ordinarily, I can usually get away with a maintain on such weeks, but the choices I was making last week weren’t the best. A pain au chocolate here, a sausage roll there, ‘fat’ coke instead of diet and way too much bread. But I guess being prepared for a gain makes it all the more manageable in a way. 

I gained 2lb meaning my total weight loss is now down to 1 stone 2lb. It’s not ideal, but at least I know what I need to do to combat it. That said, this week has seen a few too many ‘synful’ desserts sneaking their way in, but I have been on track in terms of my meals. Porridge for breakfast with cinnamon and a dollop of nutella (can’t get enough of the stuff), mug shots for lunch and healthy syn free meals. Like the delicious Lamb Rogan Josh I made last night. An old favourite from my more successful dieting days a few years back and one I definitely don’t make often enough. Not the best looking of dishes, but certainly very tasty!


slimming world lamb rogan josh


I took delivery of three brand new Slimming World recipe books this week, so I’ll be enjoying cooking up some new recipes in the coming weeks no doubt. I also decided to go ahead and renew my Slimming World Online membership for another three months despite my wobble about what I should do last week.

Exercise wise I’m still pretty much doing nothing. I might go for the odd walk at weekends, but even that isn’t as often as it should be. I need to get into the habit of coming home from the school drop off and jumping on the wii fit or doing an exercise DVD, before I start work. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes a couple of times a week. Just diet alone isn’t giving me the results I want and I’m hoping that if I start seeing a few bigger losses again it will give me some much needed motivation and get my head back in the game.

It’s almost exactly 2 months until my birthday. The birthday I wanted to be 4 stone slimmer for. That isn’t gonna happen. But I can aim to be 2 1/2 stone slimmer at least. It gives me 1 stone 5lbs to lose in 9 weeks and that is doable if I get exercising and stick to healthy meals and snacks.

Wish me luck!

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