What to do When the Weight Isn’t Coming Off

What to do When the Weight Isn’t Coming Off

We’ve all been there, and had that awful feeling that you get when you step on the scales, and they read exactly the same as last week. Even though you’ve stuck to your diet and exercise plan faithfully. It’s so disheartening. It can make you feel like giving up altogether. However, this isn’t a good idea because there are some things you can do to push through a weight loss lull like this. Read on to find out what they are.

Have a break

Weird as it may sound sometimes having a breaking from being so strict can actually get things moving again. Don’t ask me why?! Maybe it’s something to do with the body not thinking it’s in starvation mode and hanging onto every last calorie that passes our lips, or something?

All I know is that sometimes having a treat meal can get your system fired up again. It’s also a great excuse to get that pizza deal you’ve been craving all week and settle down with a movie for some R&R too!

Get some help

Sometimes it’s easy with a goal like weight loss to think that we have to earn every success through blood, sweat, and tears. But what if there was a way that you could improve your results without working any harder, or deny yourself anymore? Well, there actually is. They are called weight loss pills, and they are available online. Also known as weight loss aids, they work by either reduce appetite or binding to the fats in your system, stopping your body absorbing so much. Making it easier to shift the pounds without spending every waking moment on a step machine or a the gym.

Joining a weight loss club

Sometimes joining a weight loss club and having others around us that are going through the same issues and struggle like we are, can make all the difference in achieving a win on the scales. It’s not because we are happy for their pain, it’s more that we feel like we aren’t in it alone and we can learn from their experiences, as well as share our own.

In fact, many slimming groups are full of members scratching their heads each week and wondering why they haven’t lost that 1 or 2 that they were hoping for. The good thing is that with a chat to the group they can get the encouragement and ideas they need to return to their diet plan refreshed and refocused. Something that can help them move through their block and continue on their weight loss journey.

Increase your exercise

The last and perhaps most unpopular way to bust through that weight loss plateau is to up your exercise routine by taking up a new, higher intensity activity.

This can work wonders because it fires up your metabolism, and burns more calories that you have been used to doing. Therefore your body more easily gets into a caloric deficit, and this is when you will lose the weight.

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