Warming Up Your Home In Style

Warming Up Your Home In Style

Winter is somehow still upon us – how is it possible that it seems to last so much longer than summer? But we’re all still wrapped up in our woolly sweaters and scarves (although hopefully not when you’re at home!) – spring is on its way but it seems like it won’t be here for a while. Luckily there are some things you can do to make sure that your home is as warm as possible (without amping up your energy bills).

Your Windows

steamed up windows

It might seem counter intuitive but why don’t you make sure that you open your curtains first thing in the morning? It might seem as though you’re letting cold air in (which shouldn’t happen if your windows are tightly fitted!) but the truth is that you’re actually letting in natural light and heat from the sun. This time of year we’re all sadly lacking in vitamin D which is bad for both our health and our moods – so make sure you let the sunlight into your home! If you have a cat, he or she will love the opportunity to curl up in a pool of sunlight instead of in front of the radiator. One warning: if you’ve been slacking on your cleaning during the winter then you might not enjoy seeing the dust that the sunlight will be bound to illuminate…

Your Roof


Getting your roof redone is a pricey investment but honestly, it’ll be worth every penny in the end. Not only will it help to keep the heat in and lower your energy bills, but it’ll also smarten your house up by far, meaning that if you decide you want to move, it’ll be easier to sell and you’ll be able to set a higher asking price. Even if you don’t want to move, every time you look at your shiny new roof you’ll feel relieved that you won’t get any leaks any time soon!

Your Floors


You might think that your home loses all of its heat through the roof but the truth is that you can lose a lot through the floor too, especially if you have wooden or tiled floors. Hardwood may look elegant and incredible but you probably already know that it can lead to some very cold toes first thing in the morning! You can get carpet online but if that isn’t your thing then why not go for a rug? They add a fun splash of colour to a room, and they’re easy to change if you decide that you want to switch up the decorating scheme. Just make sure that you fasten the corner down to the floor so you don’t trip over!

Your Bed


Is there anything better than a warm cosy bed? Admittedly it might make it hard to get yourself up first thing in the morning, but there’s nothing better than staying toasty warm all through the night. The best way to do that is through layers (just like during the day!). Adding an extra couple of blankets will trap warm air, meaning that you’ll stay warm all night without having to turn on the heating.

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