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Vintage Home Touches That Reflect Your Individual Style

With most home owners now opting to deck out their homes to look modern and contemporary, the whole vintage fascination finally seems to be settling down. However, there is no rule that says that all the decor and furniture in your house all needs to come from the same era. In fact, mixing and matching contrasting eras and styles is a great way to add atmosphere, style and to make your home totally unique.

As vintage is far from forgotten and should never be abandoned completely, here are a few fantastic vintage pieces that can add texture and personality to any modern home.

Home Desks

One area that works particularly well with vintage flair is a home desk and chair combination. Old, battered and much loved traditional desks are really fun, quirky and are incredibly flexible when it comes to matching them with modern desk chairs. You can afford to go very modern and comfortable with the chair when the table is so rustic and unique. For very dark wood tables you can even play with painting them to brighten them up and make them look fresh and eclectic.


The lighting that we choose for our homes is incredibly important. Bright, harsh lighting should be reserved only for offices and not for our homes. Warm and inviting lighting is one of the most important things that we should be integrating into our homes to create a soft and cosy atmosphere. A vintage light bulb or two, or even half a dozen, sprinkled around your home will add a wonderfully soothing and vintage ambience to your living space. Just having light bulbs, exposed without a lampshade, is now incredibly fashionable and can look very charming when positioned correctly. Or you can take it a vintage step further and use a selection of antique lampshades and interesting mix and match lamp collections around your house to make your lighting completely unique to your home, that reflects your individual style.

Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs are an excellent way to add texture, style and colour to your home. Rooms that have a neutral and modern colour scheme can certainly afford to be a little playful when it comes to the textiles in the room. Vintage Turkish rugs or old fashioned, country cottage floral rugs can add a really interesting dynamic to a contemporary living space. They can also add warmth and depth to rooms that are on the minimalistic side. So vintage rugs are well worth looking into, to see what sort of styles would best suit your home.


Of course one of the most wonderful areas of vintage is all the endless possibilities for accessorising. Adding little touches and flashes of vintage, here and there, around your home is a great way to add little pockets of personality and unique facets of interesting pieces scattered around your home.

Therefore ramping up the vintage in your modern home, really is all in the detail. So take your time and have fun adding interesting and unique facets and pieces around your living spaces.

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