Top Five Things to do in Nepal

Top Five Things to do in Nepal

A small landlocked country in the south east of Asia, Nepal is famous all over the world for its exotic cultures and amazing Himalayan topography. Albeit being relatively small in size, Nepal possesses many of the world’s tallest Himalayan ranges. Eight of the ten tallest mountain peaks lie in Nepal. The country is also the second-richest country in terms of water-resources. Utilizing its natural features, Nepal relies heavily on its tourism sector for revenue generation. Every year, thousands of tourists and travelers visit the country to enjoy its wonderful myriad of beautiful cultural prominence and its Himalayas. There are many things to do in the country, both for adventure lovers and for people who are looking for a leisurely holiday to spend time with family. From many street festivals, far-off villages and settlements in the foothills of the mountains and countless monasteries, chortens, temples and gumbas to the diverse landscape and ever-changing terrains that vary according to the elevations, Nepal truly is a land of both natural and man-made wonders. Here are top 5 things to do in the country of the Himalayas-

1. Trekking

langtang trekking in nepal

Trekking in Nepal is the most famous adventure that caters to the tourism sector of the country. It is heavily promoted and because of Nepal’s geographical attributes that is unique to the different trekking destinations in the country, it is also the most sought-after activity by visitors. Nepal Trekking is an exotic affair. Because the country has a very distinct multi-culturist feature, trekking is a great opportunity to observe and experience Nepal’s many ethnic villages and traditions of the indigenous people. Although modernization is rapidly taking hold of many parts of the country, Nepal still has many places and regions where the people still practice century old traditions from millennia ago. Preservation and prominence of age-old traditions and customs in their most refined form still remain to this day at remote and isolated locations of the country. And trekking is a great way to really take in all the cultural riches.

Furthermore, Nepal is one of the largest sovereign Himalayan states in south-east Asia. The country’s terrain is a beautiful combination of cerulean Himals, deep gorges, river valleys, glaciers, moraines and sapphire mountain lakes, High Himalayan Passes as well as corroded bone-white rock formations, rich biodiversity and stunning formations of natural biomes. The landscape of the country is one of its main attributes that makes trekking in Nepal such a spectacular affair. Famous regions for trekking include the Everest region, the region of Annapurna, the Manaslu region, the Mustang region and the region of Langtang among many others. The most famous trekking journey in the country is the popular Everest Base Camp Trek which takes place in the Khumbu (the Everest region). All of the various regions of the country have their own unique showcase and presentation of landscapes and the people’s culture and ethnicity who reside there. Trekking is also the best way to be close to the country’s majestic mountains. For example, the Everest Base Camp Trekking has trails that passes through famous mountain villages of the Khumbu like Namche Bazaar and Tengboche to reach the base camp of the world’s tallest mountain peak, all the while- the trekking path is constantly in the company of Khumbu’s Himalayas like the Ama Dablam, Lhotse, Nuptse, Thamserku, the Kongdi Ri and Changtse among many more. The same goes for all of the other regions as well.

Trekking in Nepal is the best way to spend time in the country. There are many options for trekking that are suitable for people of all demographics and trekking can be done in Nepal at times of the year. It is a great way to experience Nepal’s beautiful terrains and its mountains. And it is cheap and super affordable to do!

2. Peak Climbing

peak climbing in Nepal

Like trekking, Peak Climbing is another famous adventure that Nepal is famous for. Peak Climbing presents much the same experiences as trekking, with the only difference being that it is more challenging than trekking and instead of the base camp, the summit of the mountain peaks are the end destination. It is more suited towards experienced mountaineers, but even novice climbers can do it. There are many climbable peaks in Nepal and many mountaineers visit the country every year to undergo this thrilling experience. Famous peaks for climbing in Nepal include the Mera peak, the Island Peak, the Peak of Lobuche, the Pisang Peak and the Naya Kanga Peak among many more. Peak Climbing in Nepal is an adventure where the stakes are high, much more than trekking journeys. The Himalayas of the mountain are treacherous and climbing to the summit of the peaks is an ordeal that is filled with uncharted trials and tribulations. The Sherpas of Nepal are known for their bravery and their knowledge of the mountains. Peak Climbing presents a great opportunity to be accompanied by the legendary Sherpas to the summit of the mountain peaks. With ropes, harnesses, ice axes and karabiners, the climbing is filled with stirring exhilarations in the snowy steeps of the Himalayas!

3. Cultural Tours

Swayambhunath Stupa Kathmandhu

Nepal contains one of the densest concentrations of world heritage sites in the world. Since Nepal lies right in the middle of ancient civilizations, it has influences from both of its massive neighboring countries. The majority of the population of Nepal are Hindu and Buddhist people and the country is filled with pilgrimage sites and religiously significant places that pertain to both religions. Cultural Tours in Nepal are filled with architecturally intricate buildings, old monuments of the country, Durbar Squares that contain complexes decorated with delicate wood carvings and stone masonry and ancient temples that are often built in unique Nepali style of pagoda and shikhara. Nepal is the epitome of amazing Newa architecture that isn’t found anywhere else on the planet. The Kathmandu valley alone has three major old cities that contain most of the heritage sites listed under UNESCO. The cities of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur contain their own respective Durbar square complexes, art houses and old palaces and buildings that are the reminiscent of Nepal’s medieval times. The stone sculptures, the ornate wood carvings and idols of various deities are scattered throughout the country. Because of the three city’s rich cultural and historical prominence, the valley of Kathmandu is also known as the valley of Gods and Goddesses. Sites like the famous Pashupatinath Temple, the sacred Swayambhunath Stupa, the holy Bouddhanath Stupa, the Changu Narayan Temple and the Durbar Squares of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan (Lalitpur) are some of the heritage sites that reflect Nepal’s amazing dexterity developed over the centuries perfectly.

Moreover, Nepal is also the land where Lord Gautama Buddha was born. His birthplace Lumbini is also a World Heritage Site that contains old temples and buildings from Lord Buddha’s time. The archeological importance of these sites are unprecedented. Lumbini also contains many monasteries that are built in the most magnificent architectural forms. From the colorful decorations sculpted on the monastery walls depicting Buddhist legends to the pristine temple-side lakes and prayer flags, Lumbini is a place of tranquility and peace. Cultural Tours in Nepal is an amalgamation of the country’s different ethnic riches and exotic norms that are very fascinating to observe.

4. Rafting

Annapurna river

Nepal contains the second-highest amount of water-resources in the world in the form of glaciers, massive rivers, lakes, draining tributaries and waterfalls. As such, rafting in Nepal has been gaining a steady amount of popularity with travelers. The white waters of the rivers fed by the melting mountain snow provide some of the most delightful and galvanizing water-sport adventure in the planet. White-water rafting in Nepal can be done at any time and it is something that should not be missed by adrenalin-junkies! Famous rivers for rafting in Nepal include the Sun Koshi River, the Bhote Koshi River, the Kali Gandaki, the Seti River and the Trishuli among others. The white waters rapid of the fast flowing rivers present the most intoxicatingly action-packed moments! Rafting is also a great way to enjoy the riverside sceneries of the country. The long ever-flowing rivers for rafting are also the life-sources for the biodiversity of the land and rafting along the waters is a thrilling way to enjoy river-side natural beauty.

5. Adventure Sports

rock climbing in Nepal

Nepal is a country that offers both bone-rattling adventures as well as pleasantly serene leisurely activities. But apart from rafting, peak climbing and trekking, Nepal is also quite notoriously famous for other adventure sports like paragliding, rock climbing, and bungee jumping and zip-flying. A majority of adventure sports in Nepal takes place in the lake-side city of Pokhara. It is also called the adventure capital of Nepal. Pokhara is also famous for its Annapurna mountain ranges and two biggest freshwater lakes in the country- the Begnas and the Phewa. Boating on these lakes is also quite soul-stirring, especially in the Phewa Lake as the waters reflect the sight of Mount Machhapuchhre on its surface. Paragliding above the jaded landscape of Pokhara is one of the most peaceful and heart-throbbing moments. It can be done with the whole family as well and offers a panoramic view of the entire Pokhara city as you glide above the landscape with the birds. Sarangkot is another famous place for paragliding. The view of the mountains from the glider up in the air is something that is utterly breath-taking. Bungee Jumping from the suspension bridges above the fast flowing rivers is also hair-raising.

Nepal is a country that offers much more. It is a perfect destination for a holiday and a vacation with the whole family. A melting pot of different cultures and traditions that have been in practice for centuries, Nepal is one of the most unique and exotic places that still has its grasp firmly in its ancient roots while embracing the changes that come with modernization. Affordable, cheap and known for its warm and hospitable people, visiting Nepal offers the best aspect and element of travelling.

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