Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Mom 2018

Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Mom 2018

The holidays are here and there is no better time to start shopping for gifts for your mom or a mom friend than now.

While parenting is a blessing, it can also be a hustle and stressful. Most of the time, moms are involved in various activities for and with the little ones throughout the day. Think of essential tasks like basic childcare, cleaning and cooking. On the other hand, dads often engage in the more “fun” activities such as taking the kiddos for walks, playing with them and the like.

Ever wondered why most moms religiously stick to date nights, can’t miss their yoga classes or just want a few hours of FaceTime with their friends? You’d have to be a mom to understand.

With the holidays upon us, there is no better way to appreciate all the hardworking moms out there than with a unique gift.

For all those struggling to find the right gifts for moms this Christmas, you can’t go wrong with these 10:

1. Mom’s Survival Pack

Nothing can relax and revitalize a mother’s mind like this Mom’s Survival Pack. This kit features a number of items that instantly bring about serenity. The kit includes a ylang ylang lip balm, a cardamom, soothing lavender mist, sleep salve, belly butter, floral mineral bath salt and a lavender sugar exfoliant. The Mom’s Survival Pack costs $25.

2. Headspace App Gift Subscription

Getting through the daily parenting hustle and bustle is difficult without meditation. Get your mom a premium subscription to Headspace, one of the best meditation apps. The app has a “Family Time” meditation feature. The app’s subscription starts at $12.99 for a month.

3. Personal Aromatherapy Pendant

This personal aromatherapy pendant would make a great gift for mom. When twisted, the pendant releases one of three proprietary aromatherapy scent blends; for energy, calm and focus. Any mom would want to wear this pendant to get through her typical busy days. Get the pendant at Uncommon Goods.

4. Chakra Essential Oil

These essential oils feature relaxing scents that are matched with crystals aligned with different chakras. The aromatherapy oils can be used during massage or simply to boost the mood during the day. The Chakra Essential Oils Set is available at Uncommon Goods.

5. Mermaid Perfume Spray

Every spritz of the Mermaid Perfume spray invokes sunny oceanside beauty. This perfume, which is inspired by essential oils and the ultra-hydrating powers of sea kelp, will keep any mom fresh. The Mermaid spray has a sweet-smelling botanical formula that is full of vitamins and mineral salts that rejuvenate the skin and keep the hair lustrous. Get the spray for $50 at Anthropologie.

6. Herbivore Coco Oil

Moms also need to pamper their skin, and the Herbivore Coco Oil would be perfect for them. Featuring a blend of Moroccan rose and virgin coconut oil, this body oil evokes a luxurious spa-like treatment at home. The HERBIVORE Coco Oil costs $36.

7. Lunar Phases Bathing Tea

Moms will love these relaxing bathing teas that feature different herbal blends for each moon phase:

  • Full Moon: lemon peel, ginger root, calendula, rose petals
  • Waning Moon: heather flower, red clover, rosemary, peppermint
  • Waxing Moon: cardamom, fennel, plantain leaf, marshmallow root, cacao shell
  • New Moon: jasmine, holy basil, chamomile, lavender

The unique bathing teas cost just $20.

8. Weighted Throw Blanket

This adorable weighted blanket helps to quell anxiety and is highly praised by customers. The blanket is puffy and just the right weight to calm a busy mom’s nerves. Mom will love covering herself in the blanket when reading in bed or watching TV after the kids have gone to sleep. In winter, a good blanket is as important as the rest of mom’s cold weather basics; treat her right!

The weighted blanket is available on Target.

9. The Full Moon Sachets

Stress is a daily thing for stay-at-home moms. This holiday, help your mom friend eliminate stress by getting her Moon Dusts. These are blended adaptogenic supermushrooms and superherbs that help to combat stress. The Full Moon box features sample sachets of all dusts produces by Moon Juice. Your loved one can sample the available dusts – Dreams, Spirit, Power, Sex, Brain, and Beauty – to find out which one she likes best. The Full Moon Sachets box costs $35.

10. Orgain Collagen Peptides

Moms need to be in excellent shape to manage the troublesome kiddos. A daily dose of Orgain Collagen Peptides will boost her energy, making it easier to get through the many often-chaotic days. This protein powder improves digestion, boosts metabolism, helps in muscle recovery and makes the skin radiant.

You can’t go wrong with one of the gifts for moms we’ve listed above. These gifts are affordable and bound to make any mom feel loved and appreciated this holiday season.

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