This week I’m loving……….

This week I’m loving……….

I’ve been pretty much rushed off my feet lately with work, the kids, the usual Christmas stuff, being ill – the usual. Add into that the toddler turning 3 on Christmas Day and it’s like trying to run through treacle at times. Instead of moaning though (well maybe just a little bit) I thought I’d focus on what I’ve loved over the last week or so. So this week I’m loving……..

Christmas Stories

Christmas books

The little one was sent some lovely books to review from Campbell Books and we’ve absolutely loved reading them over the last few weeks at bedtime. They feature some really lovely stories and as you might expect for a noisy little boy, his favourites were ‘Whizzy Santa’ which is actually on wheels and a real novelty, as well as the noisy book ‘Santa’s Noisy House’. They’re an absolute joy to read and even the tween enjoys reading them to her little brother. A great way to get into the Christmas spirit with little ones and they’d all make lovely gifts too.

New Tree Decorations


As it’s the toddler’s first year at nursery at Christmas I’ve got a whole host of lovely new decorations appearing to go on my tree as we get closer to Christmas. I’ve had snowmen, stockings, Christmas trees and more. I love how proud he is when he shows them off to us aswell – you practically have to wrestle them off of him to get them on the tree though! It reminds me of the tween at his age and all the cute little decorations I’ve kept that she made me too.

Birthday Boy

cake bday

As it’s the toddlers 3rd birthday on Christmas Day we wanted to throw him a party for all his little friends at nursery and the big day came last Saturday. We headed to the local soft play centre with ten of his friends, the tween and her friend and had an absolute whale of a time. It was quite literally the perfect party. There was no tidying up or making anything for me, I just bought a Spiderman cake from the local supermarket and off I went. The kids all had a great time and they all behaved like little angels and I loved chatting to all their mums and dads and getting to know them a little better too.

Of course his birthday hasn’t stopped there, he’s also had cake at his nursery this week and I’ve ordered him a Peppa Pig cake for Christmas Day, the order for which started off much along the lines of ‘this one you made (above) is great’ and turned into pretty much giving the cake shop artistic license to throw a few of their ideas in too. I can’t wait to see what they come up with, we;ve had several cakes from them over the past year and all of them have been delicious and absolutely gorgeous. Plus my little Peppa Pig fan will adore his special birthday cake, which we’ll be enjoying, along with his birthday pressies, at a special birthday ‘party’ on the evening of Christmas Day in order to try and separate the two halves to the day for him.

Pamper Time

I recently discovered threading and oh my word what a difference a woman with a piece of thread can  make to your eyebrows! I no longer have a couple of fat catterpillers crawling across my face, but a beautiful pair of eyebrows. It’ll take a while to get the beautifully arched eyebrows I’m after thanks to years of eyebrow abuse (yes it’s a thing), but they look so much better and literally transform my face. I even indulged in a little eyebrow tinting for good measure. I swear the woman is like some kind of sleep therapist, she makes me so relaxed while having my eyebrows done I’m practically falling asleep, god knows what I’ll be like when I finally treat myself to a massage or a facial – I’ll be snoring in seconds!

Best Thing I Bought Myself All Year

downloadI treated myself to a Boots No7 Advent Calendar  on the premise that I should be avoiding chocolate on my diet. Well the diet has gone to hell (before I even opened day one of the Advent Calendar – oops!) but the calendar has turned into the best thing I have bought myself all year. I absolutely love it!

I’ve always been a huge fan of makeup, however since having kids my skincare regime has become totally non existent and my old ‘armour’ of markeup which I never left the house without has pretty much been long forgotten. If you look at the ‘use by’ dates on the majority of my makeup it would probably be over five years old and lets face it, that’s just nasty!

Needless to say, opening something each day that is just for me and will replace all the horrible old stuff in my makeup bag has been brilliant. Whether it’s a lip crayon (totally fallen in love with both the colours included in the calendar), a new eyeshadow brush (mine are donkeys years old), mascara, eyeliner, eye cream or moisturiser, it has guaranteed to put a smile on my face and made me take that little bit of extra time to focus on how I look for a change. It’s funny but despite having loved the No7 range for years, I really didn’t expect to love everything included in the calendar. I assumed there’d be a few things I’d give away to maybe my mum or the tween, but I honestly have loved everything in there and would buy replacements once they run out. I’m definitely going to be buying myself one again next year as it has been worth every penny and more!

New Makeup – New Makeup Bag

Well my gorgeous new makeup needed a new makeup bag and luckily for me I was offered the chance to review one of several Christmas Gift Ideas and I chose this fab new makeup bag.


It’s actually a washbag, but I always tend to go for large makeup bags and double them up as washbags if I go away so it works great for me. I love the bright quirky style, it’s made really well and it’s big enough to fit my makeup, hairbrush and things like toothbrushes and shampoos etc if I go away. It’s waterproof inside too, which is great when it comes to the inevitable spills when you pack your washbag in your suitcase while you’re travelling (happened to me this year and it wasn’t pretty!). Definitely a great pressie for people who travel a lot, or like me like a nice big bag to keep all of their makeup in and just look at that hare – doesn’t her pretty little face just cheer you up in an instant!?


No I’ve not been subjected to the film yet again, but I can’t get THAT song out of my head – or the bloomin’ snowman one either come to think of it! Why? Because the tween and I were both helping out at a Frozen event last weekend (and this weekend too), I was more on the ‘behind the scenes’ crew, while the tween was up front and centre in a Disney Princess role – not Ana or Elsa, but one of the oldies and we had a whale of a time. There were all kinds of hiccups along the way and it was almost rained off, but she was in her element and it reminded me of all those years ago when I was a holiday rep and bouncing about on stage myself singing and dancing and having fun.

Well that’s me done for my favourite things this week. I really need to do this more often because it has made me realise that despite the illness, stress, etc, there have been some things that I have enjoyed and just writing about them has made me smile.

Note: Items mentioned above (makeup bag and books) were provided for review purposes. 

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