Things I love (or just can’t live without)

Things I love (or just can’t live without)

As I’m still new at blogging, I thought I’d put together a list of things I love (of course M & E, plus family and friends are at the top of the list!) :

I love writing, whether that’s letters to friends who live far away or trying desperately to come up with an idea for a novel, and failing, as I usually do to get past one or two chapters. There’s nothing like receiving a letter, far better than an email any day!

Very sad, but what girl can be without her mascara? I’m not talking some expensive brand, good old Avon does the trick here!

Lip gloss – and if you want the shiniest, juciest lip gloss ever, then it has to be Boujois 3D Effect Max – I love it!

A mums best friend – my “Organised Mum” (yep that’s the company name, or Box House Publishing as they’re now known) calendar, it’s big enough to fit absolutely everything onto and sits above my desk so I have no excuse to forget anything – although it does still happen on occasion! lol!

Gumbet in Turkey – my first girly holiday was here, and several more after that! Most recently I visited last summer with the friend I went there 10 years ago with and my god we felt old! 28 (well 27 at the time) and past it, compared to all the half naked 18 year olds all over the place, but it was a good holiday and a well deserved break from the kids!
I barely drink (literally, I’m quite boring actually), but when I do it’s this stuff that makes the grade. There’s nothing like a Disaronno on the rocks or a Disaronno and coke to wet those tastebuds – and suprisingly enough I’m drinking one now, although I’m sad to say it’s the last of the bottle I treated myself to at Christmas!

My diary, another wonderful invention from Organised Mum! I’ve had one of their diaries and wall planners/calendars for the last 3 years and this year I’ve chosen their “Little Bird” style. It’s got a page per day and has space for to do lists, meal ideas, things to remember and shopping lists, as well as am, pm and evening slots to juggle all those child and work related appointments.

I couldn’t live without a computer – so much so I’ve kept my old one incase I manage to blow this one up!

CBBC – what can I say, put it on and peace is restored!

Where would I be without books, I love them! I’ve just read (in 2 days) “Secret Shopper Unwrapped”, and am currently on “Last Christmas”, with “Fairytale of New York” waiting for me, plus I recently ordered “Getting to Manana” and “Sol Searching” which are all about 2 women’s experiences living in Spain. (well if I can include fiction in my research on Spain then why not!?) Plus I’ve currently got my nose buried in “Spanish for beginners” and am awaiting delivery of “Living and working in Spain: a survival handbook” which is more a book packed full of information on how to get to Spain and what on earth to do once you get there.

I’m addicted to magazines – to the point where I quite literally have to have them! I don’t know what on earth’s wrong with me! But I suppose some people love shoes, I love magazines!

Yes, I love chocolate! (Probably why I’m overweight!) Chocolate cake, chocolate biscuits, chocolate brownies, chocolate sauce, hot chocolate, chocolate in general………….

Another one of my addictions – coca cola, don’t ask me why but I get through about 2 litres of this stuff every single day!

The Sacre Coeur in Paris – this was well worth the walk from my hotel near the Gare de Nord (which although it seemed close at the time took well over an hour in sweltering heat, not to mention what seemed like millions of steep steps up to the Scare Coeur itself!). Monmatre itself is my favourite place in Paris, full of intregue, mystery and beauty.

The Cotswolds is one of the most beautiful places in England. M and I holidayed here for my birthday last year and despite the torrential rain, we still managed to see many of the gorgeous little villages dotted about the area.

I love history, particularly the Tudor period, so I guess that makes me a history geek! I especially love The Tudors TV series – although that has more to do with Jonathan Reece Myers and Henry Cavill, as it isn’t exactly known for being historically correct!

Cooking – along with my love of chocolate and all things food wise, I actually really do love to cook! When I’m in my dieting frame of mind everything is cooked from scratch with fresh ingredients and I really do love it. I tend to buy food magazines (see have extended my magazine obsession from women’s mags to foodie mags too, any excuse to buy another one!) and adapt the recipes to reduce the fat and calorie content, sometimes with pretty horrific consequences but most of the time with great success.

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  1. January 7, 2010 / 2:52 pm

    >The computer and chocolate is a definite for me too! You sound like you're a cosmetic lady. I love Avon, always use their mascara and eye liner.CJ xx

  2. January 9, 2010 / 10:26 am

    >I seem to have more makeup than I know what to do with at the moment!I used to do full make up every day before work, even when E was a tiny baby – I don't have the patience or time anymore! I was an Avon Lady at one point actually, drove me mad with late payments, Avon not delivering orders on time etc, so now I make use of my neighbour who has decided to give it a go. Think there's some good offers on at the moment, will have to see if she has any new books yet!

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