Table Manners, a Leisurely Lunch and Tarot Cards | My Weekly Favourites

Table Manners, a Leisurely Lunch and Tarot Cards | My Weekly Favourites

Another week seems to have passed me by so quickly. A relatively uneventful week, but one I’ve enjoyed nonetheless. Especially the weather. It really has been glorious for October hasn’t it? Well, in Kent it has anyway. It’s making the ex-expat in me very happy that’s for sure. Although I do love lighting my candles and snuggling up with a book under a throw every bit as much as the sunshine. Anyway, enough weather chat, here’s what I’ve been loving this week:

Tarot Cards

About 12 years ago I had my tarot cards read and the woman predicted everything from me moving abroad to reuniting with the Mr after10 years apart, among numerous other things. None of which were on the cards at the time, or even for some years to follow. My friend has seen this woman over the years and seeing as I’m now back in England I thought I’d make a return visit to see what she has to say all these years on. Unfortunately I can’t get an appointment to see her until January. She’s that popular. But it’s a date in the diary to look forward to and something different to look forward to at that. I’m by no means spiritual, but this woman’s accuracy about things she couldn’t possibly know fascinates me. I might even dabble with tarot cards myself occasionally.

The Mr Returns

Its been another week of solo parenting while the Mr has been working abroad again. As much as I miss him and struggle to sleep while he’s away, it is always so chilled here when he isn’t around. I have my routine nailed. The kids seem to be on their best behaviour and the teen and I sit and chat of an evening instead of her lurking in her bedroom all night. She even made me watch the first three Harry Potter films. Apparently I’m watching at least one more when he goes away again next month – I’m trying not to watch the films before I finish the books. I’m on book 4 now for anyone who’s keeping track.

An Impromptu Lunch

On Monday my sister and I decided to go to lunch and make the most of our kids being at school/college/nursery. We chatted, laughed, enjoyed a delicious meal, then hit the shops. She’s also got me hooked on parma violet gin, which has got to be my new favourite drink.

Table Manners

The fab podcast from Jessie Ware and her lovely mum is back. The first episode features Nigella Lawson and I love how they both fuss over having a ‘goddess’ over for dinner and whether she’ll enjoy their food. Can you imagine the pressure of cooking for someone like Nigella? Rather them than me that’s for sure.

This weekend you’ll find me nursing my cold, planning what we’ll be getting up to in half term, crunching through the beautiful autumn leaves and apparently roasting in over twenty degree heat. October is that really you?

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