Summer Home Maintenance

Summer Home Maintenance

It’s summer, time to run outside, kick back and chill in the garden and…make sure your home is fit for winter. We know, we know – you’ve already got someone in your life who has started the “x months to Christmas” but preparing your house for winter is a bit different. There are some problems that become much harder to take care of during the winter, particularly if you need to call out the repair man.

Luckily, life isn’t all about maintenance and these summer home maintenance tasks won’t take up much of your time. Instead it’s all about being pro-active, rather than re-active, not only will you have safeguarded yourself against winter problems. It’s likely to save you a bit of money too!

Spruce Up the Outside

During the summer months, you are looking for an excuse to be outside, so what better one than to tidy up the face of your property? Bring out the paint cans and roller brushes, pick your new favourite shade and start painting. Paint will dry quicker in the sunshine, so you don’t need to worry about barricading yourself behind wet paint signs.

Not only are you helping the house look it’s best but applying paint protects your woodwork, doorframes and window frames against the wetter winter months.

The summer is also a good opportunity to check all guttering and make sure your roof is nice and watertight – prevent leaks before they get to be a problem. Make sure to remove all leaf litter and debris from the gutters and replace or repair any afflicted roof-tiles.

Avoid Getting Down in the Damps

If you’ve noticed areas of damp in your property over winter (and you haven’t yet tackled them!) summer is the best time to get it sorted. Damp can cause structural issues if left to get out of control so it’s best to get it sorted at the earliest opportunity.

There are multiple types of damp and depending on the issue at hand, may require different types of treatment. While DIY solutions are available, you will have better results using a qualified professional, like – they can advise you on the best course of treatment for your specific damp issue.

Better the Boiler You Know

Your boiler works pretty hard, heating the home and your hot water (depending, of course, on your home system). People tend to forget that these are important pieces central to the comfort of their home and as such, they also require regular maintenance.

There’s no DIY solutions here, you’ll want to call your local heating engineer who will come out and perform all the required checks. Making sure your boiler is good to go for winter and safe to use – it also keeps in line with your boiler warranty.

You can give the system a helping hand by bleeding your radiators to remove any air that’s got trapped inside. The air causes your system to have to work harder and can actually increase the cost of your energy bills, so it’s important to check your radiators regularly.

If you are finding that you need to bleed your radiators often, it could be sign of a worse problem and you should check with your heating engineer.

Seal It Up

summer home maintenance

Make sure to check seals round all doors and windows. Seals are pretty easy to replace regardless of the weather, but you don’t want to be paying for heat in the winter that’s leaking out. Check seals inside and out and fill gaps where necessary.

While you’re checking the windows, you could give them a good wash down and have them looking sparkling for the summer.

Looking after your home is important, small issues that are ignored commonly lead to bigger issues that can be costly to have repaired. Making sure you stay on-top of the small maintenance tasks required will ensure your home looks and functions well during spring, summer, autumn and winter.

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