Slow cooker (diet friendly) rice pudding

My daughter loves rice pud and I was desperate for a recipe that I could eat too when I was following the Slimming World diet so I bunged a load of ingredients into my slow cooker and came up with a delicious and free (on EE and Green) recipe.

Pudding rice/paella rice/arborio rice (basically short grain rice)
HEX skimmed milk
Sweetener (to taste)

Spray the slow cooker with frylite, add the rice and milk and cook on low for 4 hours or until soft and the milk has thickened. Add sweetener towards the end of the cooking process, I’ve found if you add it before you end up with a less sweet rice pudding and have to add more.

You can also add vanilla essence to the rice pudding and of course top with jam, chocolate, etc. It’s also nice with a mullerlight stirred through to make it really creamy.

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