Slimming World Sunday | Weigh in Number Three


It’s that time of the week again! Week three on Slimming World and its been a good week. I even ENJOYED exercising and that never happens! 

I think the fact that I weigh in on a Saturday morning helps me to stick to the plan as I am prepared for those extra treats that might sneak in when the kids are off school and I always treat myself to a chocolate bar on weigh in day. I could have one every day, but I find that despite being a complete chocolate addict making Kate’s low syn chocolate cake (so nice with some nutella melted over the top) gets me through the week, along with a few Options hot chocolates thrown in for good measure. I don’t crave ‘real’ chocolate or cake like I used to, infact I even turned down a slice of chocolate birthday cake yesterday at a party – in McDonald’s of all places! I admit the smell of all those burgers and fries had my stomach gurgling but I was determined not to have one. Not because I couldn’t if I’d wanted to, but more that I would prefer to use my syns on something amazing, not just some burger that will hit the spot for about 5 minutes and then leave me hungry after about an hour (why does McDonald’s never seem to fill you up!?!).

Anyway enough rambling and onto my weigh in. I lost 3lb this week and I’m really chuffed with that. It takes me to 12lb in 3 weeks which is great. Fingers crossed I can make it to a stone next week!

Meal wise for the coming week I’m going for:

Skinny Chicken Balti

Sloppy Joes

Beef Stifado

Steak and chips with peppercorn sauce

Curried beef pilaf 

Not quite too sure what will make the cut on Friday night. My mum is coming to stay for the week so as she’s on WW and I’m on SW I’ll be attempting to find something that fits with both. Although from what she says they seem to be very similar diets these days so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Here’s to another few lbs of next week! Wish me luck!


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