Slimming World Sunday | 7lbs Off!

Slimming World Sunday | 7lbs Off!

After my gain a few weeks back, I managed to maintain yet again last week, which really got to me. Maintaining isn’t as bad as a gain of course, but I’d got to the point where I’d had enough. Tired of feeling so down on myself, sick of dieting and not feeling good enough. But then I had a chat with a friend, who lost 5 stone herself a few years back, and it turned out to be just what the doctor ordered.

She didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know already, but she BELIEVED in me when I didn’t think I had the will to carry on and some of that belief must have rubbed off on me because this week I well and truly smashed it, if I do say so myself.

When I stepped on the scales yesterday. This happened:

And I could not have been more thrilled! (That’s my separate weight loss instagram account by the way if you fancy giving it a follow).

I didn’t do anything spectacular to lose all that in a week (my biggest lost since my first week when I also lost 7lb), but what did make all the difference was being totally focused on losing weight instead of just crossing my fingers and hoping the number on the scales would change.

I’ve had banana pancakes with nutella every day for breakfast which are filling and oh so dreamy. I don’t actually eat fruit (I’m a large child) so finding a way to get one or two bananas down my neck each day is great and I can’t see myself tiring of these delicious little bites of heaven any time soon – yep they’re THAT good! Lunch is probably what I’m worst at now (it used to be breakfast, which I never ate), I’ve had sandwiches, leftovers, nothing (oops) or a very quick packet of ryvita minis and an apple when I’ve been running around after a sick 4 year old. Dinner wise we’ve had Hairy Dieters Chicken Jalfrezi, KFC style chicken, tapas, leftovers and a few other bits I can’t remember. I’ve had an ice lolly pretty much every day (Yoomoo frozen yogurt lollies at 2 1/2 syns each and are rather yummy), stolen a few of the kids Kinder chocolate bars (3 1/2 syns each – I think) and tried out the new mullerlight peanut and caramel yogurt which was rather delicious too. I haven’t felt at all deprived this week, infact I’ve eaten loads and all really tasty stuff too.

Exercise wise I have actually got 20 minutes of zumba in this week. I had planned on doing it daily while the kids were at school, but with the little one off sick between Tuesday and Friday I haven’t had the chance. It was only a video I found on YouTube which I repeated a few times to help me master some of the moves. I’m no dancer, but I remember a few of the moves from when I did aerobics years ago and I really enjoyed it. Next week I’ll be aiming to do it at least 3 times.

It’s amazing what a little belief in yourself can do for your weight loss and I certainly owe that to my friend after our chat last week. Now I’ve lost 7lb this week its had a knock on effect. I can do this and I will.

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  1. May 30, 2016 / 8:33 pm

    Wow that’s amazing going! Well done you!
    I keep hearing a lot about zumba but I’m yet to try it…hmm…worth a go maybe!
    Good luck for this week, you got this.
    Mrs TeePot recently posted…Call me TrinityMy Profile

    • Mum Reinvented
      May 31, 2016 / 8:04 am

      Thanks honey. It’s a bit fast paced for me and I have absolutely no rhythm at all but I guess laughing at myself along the way makes it all the more enjoyable x

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