Shake That Weight | Two Weeks On

Shake That Weight | Two Weeks On

It’s 2 weeks since I started my review of Shake That Weight. And I won’t lie, it has been hard going. My grandad passed away the day I started and there have been plenty of meals out and family visiting in the 2 weeks that followed. I could have easily gone off plan and absolutely stuffed myself. But I didn’t.

Something has changed since we moved and I started eating better. My head is finally in a place where I can give it my all. Despite the challenges that would usually, and quite understandably throw me off course. I feel better in myself. More content. And with that comes this new found motivation to keep pushing for what I want. Here’s hoping it will continue.

What did I eat?

Throughout the 2 weeks I stuck to 3 Shake That Weight ‘meals’ a day. Either porridge, a shake, noodles, a bar or a ready meal, and also enjoyed a low calorie home prepared meal. Here’s some of the things I ate over the last two weeks:

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I was so looking forward to the ready meals. They look delicious and the sauces and veg certainly were. It was just the ‘chicken’ and ‘beef’ I really wasn’t keen on. But I am rather fussy, and I imagine they come as a welcome break from the sachets of food to the non ‘fusspots’ among us. Unfortunately mine got substituted for something else as I really wasn’t keen.

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I love the shakes. I picked a few I knew I’d love and tried some new ones too. Gingerbread and Cafe Latte. I wasn’t disappointed. They were seriously delicious.

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Another one of my absolute faves are the bars. I knew I’d like the milk and dark chocolate bars, they’re chocolate after all and the lemon bar is always a favourite. But I tried the others this time around too. The honey nougat I’m not a fan of, but the muesli one and the maple almond are pretty damn amazing and I preferred both to the chocolate ones, which is some kind of miracle.

How did I do?

After 2 weeks on the plan I’ve lost 4lb and 3.5 inches. I’m happy with that as it’s a loss after all, although I usually lose much more on a VLCD. But it does compare with what I was losing each week on a more conventional diet eating ‘proper’ food, so perhaps my body is just on a certain path in terms of weight loss right now. I’ve lost 2lb a week for the last 3 weeks. And that’s not to be sniffed at.

If you want to try a VLCD, Shake That Weight offers a range of products, several plans to choose from and is good value for money too. I may not personally do a VLCD again in the near future because I quite simply prefer ‘real food’ too much to stick at it long term. However I would consider substituting a few of my meals for some of my favourite Shake That Weight products to keep my calories under control and shake things up a bit every so often.

* I was provided with 2 weeks worth of Shake That Weight products for review purposes. All thoughts are my own. 

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