Put your money where your mouth is

Put your money where your mouth is

I don’t know about you but I love a good meal out. The luxury of having someone else cook for me and getting out for the night without the kids is always welcomed. Combining that with trying my hand at something new is always going to be a winner so the UKIPT All-in Kitchen is something that really appeals to me.

All in Kitchen

What is the All-in Kitchen I hear you ask? Well it’s the brainchild of PokerStars and Jones & Sons and brings together gourmet food with poker in the world’s first pay by poker pop up restaurant. To put it simply you try your luck at three hands of poker then the price of your meal is determined by how many chips you have left at the end of those three hands.


Now I’ve never tried my hand at poker before, but some of my friends are really good at it, I even know a few croupiers who’ve worked in casinos around the world but a casino isn’t somewhere I’d usually consider visiting for a night out – I just automatically seem to gravitate towards restaurants. Combine poker with food in a restaurant setting however and I’d be there with bells on – trust me to think about my belly as usual! I think perhaps the dining element adds that little something extra for me and makes a game of poker all the more sociable.

all in kitchen 1

So what can you get out of your poker/foodie experience? There’s a great themed menu and considering you can get a three course meal with a cocktail worth around £50 for as little as a fiver, or even nothing depending how good you are on the poker table, it’s seriously good value for money. You’ll find the likes of ‘Royal Flush of King Crab Thermidor’, ‘Queen Scallops accompanied by Salt Baked Swede and Bacon Marmalade, ‘4 Of A Kind of Lamb Chops, Rump, Kidney and Shoulder With A Rosemary Jus’ and a ‘2 Pair of Pear Tarte Tatin, Pear Caramel and Ice Cream’ on the menu, which sound delicious!

This fun concept has already finished its London leg but as the UK & Ireland Poker Tour makes its way around the two countries you’ll get the chance to sample a little novelty dining for yourself. Would you give it a go?


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