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Properly Planning Your Next House Project

Moving into a new home is exciting. You’ve done all the hard work with packing, moving and unpacking again and it is now time to enjoy your new house. Like most, you could be getting itchy fingers and want to redecorate your home to the way you want it and that takes a good bit of work. Going room to room and planning everything you want down to a tee is the difficult part but once you’ve done the planning, you’re almost halfway there.

The reality of it is that planning the overhaul of the house is HARD. You need to properly plan out each room from top to bottom and in great detail if you hope to make sure that you don’t have any issues. You need to properly visualise the space and make sure that you have each room you are redecorating measured. We’ve put two key tips here for you to make sure you avoid botching a potentially big – and pricey! – project in your house.

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Going It Alone: With all the inspiration on the shelves of every shop out there, it’s becoming easier to redecorate your home by yourself and without the help of a proper interior design agency. This means you need to make lists, and check them over and over to ensure you are buying the right materials for your house. By doing things alone, you can use your own creative ideas to decorate your home without anyone telling you it’s wrong. For the bigger things, like replumbing the bathroom or moving the lights in each room, it’s a good idea to hire in help like as they can ensure that you don’t end up electrocuting yourself or rewiring the lights incorrectly. It’s great to go it alone for your decorating project, but when it comes to the big jobs, ask for help!

Budget Costs: Heading to a store full of trinkets, furniture and other interior design treasures requires a full, comprehensive budget list. You can’t go in all Oprah and start yelling ‘you get to come home, you get to come home and YOU get to come home’ to every pretty trinket you see, otherwise you will have no money left. Your priority list of what needs to be changed should be the first list you base your budget on. Doing it that way means you’ll meet all your ‘musts’ before you get to all your ‘wants’. Also, when it comes to materials like flooring and paint, go for the cheapest option with the best quality. Sometimes, paint peels on walls that aren’t ready for it and flooring scuffs and breaks too easily. Don’t compromise on the quality to save a buck or two.

Your home decorating project is going to be a big one, make it count when you do it and perfectly, properly plan it out. Decorating doesn’t need you to go with the flow, as you may find yourself out of pocket doing that! Be smart, be money conscious and be prepared.

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