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Preparing for Life After Retirement

You may think it’s a little early to start thinking about life in your sixties and that most of us are going to be working up to our seventies by the time we hit the autumnal years of our life.  However, if you have a family then it’s important to start thinking about your legacy and how you are going to keep yourself fit and healthy, physically and financially.

Money is going to be your biggest pressure.  You may be used to living on a big salary and as you get a little nearer to your fifties you could start to realise that your pension isn’t going to allow you to enjoy the life you have become accustomed too.  Saving from an early age is a really good idea.  It doesn’t have to be a huge amount.  Putting by £40 per month between twenty and sixty seven would give you £22,560 to add to your pension.  That isn’t including any interest along the way.  You may think that sounds like a lot of money, however when you consider how much it can cost if you need to move into a care home, you’ll realise that a pension and your savings aren’t going to last that long.

Whilst there are a number of health matters that we can’t control, we could ensure the best health possible to make sure we avoid costly bills at the end of our lives.  No one lives forever, so it is better to cover both bases.  Keep yourself healthy physically and financially.

So how can you look after yourself to ensure a better retirement?  

Firstly, ditch your unhealthy habits and fast.  Smoking, drinking heavily and eating a fatty or sugary diet are all going to take their toll on your future health.  Whilst you may not feel it today and are merrily convincing yourself that there are other people out there who smoke their way into old age without so much as a cough, the reality of that is not true.  Statistics prove that the way we treat our heart, lungs and joints now will have a greater impact on future health.  So get it nailed.


Think about what you can do to ensure you have the strongest bones, a healthy heart and a healthy mind.  Up your intake of Omega 3 and lower the unhealthy fats you eat.  Processed foods and a high salt content are damaging to your heart, liver and overall health.  There are loads of changes you can make to your diet which will ensure you stay fit and healthy right the way through to older age.  

Keep moving too.  Experts say we should take at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise per day.  However you also need to work on staying supple.  Try taking on yoga or swimming to help keep your body moving and your muscles strong.  As we get older our bones get weaker so ensuring you have strong support across your body will help you stay out of trouble.  Exercise is also a great way of keeping your mind healthy.

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