Preparing Your Home for the Annual In-Law’s Visit

Preparing Your Home for the Annual In-Law’s Visit

Unless your in-laws live around the corner, they probably only visit once or twice a year. Perhaps it’s an anniversary, or one of the kids is having a birthday, or maybe it’s your turn to host the in-laws for Christmas. Whatever the reason – if a visit from the in-laws is imminent, you need to pull out the big guns.

Everyone knows that the relationship between a woman and her mother-in-law can be a source of great joy or a deep and complete nightmare. For the purposes of this article, we are assuming that your relationship with the dreaded MIL falls somewhere in between. That is to say, you get along reasonably well with her, but you wouldn’t describe your relationship as “close”. If this is the case, it is worth putting some effort into preparing your home for her visit. Anything less than the red carpet treatment might offend, and as every dutiful daughter-in-law knows, offending has long-lasting repercussions. So, here are some tips to smooth the way and ensure the annual visit from your in-laws is a huge success.

Deep Cleaning

It should go without saying that your home needs to be cleaner than Buckingham Palace before your in-laws arrive. Even if your mother-in-law wears white gloves, a clean, tidy home shows you have made an effort – which is what counts, after all. Depending on how old your kids are and whether you work full-time, a thorough spring clean might not be an option. If so, delegate tasks to your other half or older children. And if all else fails, consider hiring a professional cleaning crew, such as ATH Cleaning Services. Professional cleaners will do a better job in half the time, which is handy if this is a last-minute visit.

Flowers in the Bedroom

If your in-laws live some distance away, they will probably be staying over. If so, you need to prepare the bedroom for their arrival. The bedroom should be clean (obviously) with fresh linen on the bed, and all clutter tidied away out of sight. Buy some fresh flowers for the room. Make sure there is a reading light, fresh towels, and anything else your guests might need for a comfortable stay. Pretend you are running a boutique B&B and you need a 5* review on Trip Advisor. It should help you go the extra mile.

Personalised Meal Plan

Think about the type of food and drink your in-law’s love. If you don’t have a clue, ask your other half for advice. It’s especially important if your in-laws are on a special diet. A fridge full of their favourite snacks, food, and beverages will warm their hearts and show you care. Plan some simple meals that are unlikely to go wrong – this is not the time to try an experimental dish you saw on Master Chef last year. Alternatively, book a table at a nice restaurant if you can’t stand the idea of cooking.

Lastly, arrange for your in-laws to have some quality time with the kids while you enjoy a date night. Every cloud has a silver lining!

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