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Photography Skills, Exam Results and School Trips #littleloves


A day late on my #littleloves, but that’s nothing new for me! I had planned on writing it yesterday but time got away from me what with work, school runs, cleaning (hate cleaning) and my lovely mum arriving to stay with us for the week.

Onto my #littleloves:


I finished reading The Stylist, which I really enjoyed. If you liked The Devil Wears Prada, you’ll absolutely adore this one.

I’ve now moved onto a pre release copy of Life Swap, which is all about the grass not necessarily being greener on the other side and one that I’m really enjoying so far.


Last week the little one and I went on a school trip to the Playmobil Factory so I got to watch him playing with all his school friends and having a whale of a time playing with the millions of Playmobil toys.

school trip



toy horse


Yet more Slimming World meals. I lost 3lb last week, which took it up to 12lb in 3 weeks, so I’m rather chuffed with that. Saying that I seem to have maintained this week, which is a bit odd as I’ve exercised and eaten less than I did the last few weeks. Perhaps you really do eat more on Slimming World to lose weight – weird!


My new Fitbit ChargeΒ which I won in a competition a few weeks back. I’m still learning how to use it (I only opened it yesterday) so I’m enjoying seeing just how much sleep I get (about 6 hours according to what it told me this morning) and I’m going to use it to try to make myself walk more.


My 14 year old’s exam results. Considering she moved schools in September and hadn’t been to an English speaking school for five years prior to our move I’m absolutely thrilled with her results and she pretty much aced them all.

And lastly….

Last weekend the weather was beautiful so we headed down to the beach (pic at the top of the page, just check out the colour of that sea!) and the local nature reserve for a wander and the teen got snapping with the camera. She loves photography and seems to be having a lot more joy with my new DSLR than I am so I’m considering giving it to her for Christmas (not that she doesn’t practically keep it in her room as it is) and buying her a new lens or two, then just getting a new one myself or maybe just making her take all the photos in future. Such is her love of photography she might even consider it as a career. These are two of the pics she snapped (plus the beach one), all of them are unedited and I think they’re pretty good considering she’s never used a DSLR before and is only 14 bless her.

bug hut

fairy tunnel

We’ve got a busy weekend ahead of us. Today we’re off to the 14 year olds ‘party’, then it’s the 4 year olds tomorrow. Wish me luck with all those kids!



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