Personalise Your Home with These Amazing DIY Ideas

Personalise Your Home with These Amazing DIY Ideas

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I’ve spent a lot of time speaking about homes on this blog. And, I’m back at it again with this new piece. Today’s post is centred around making your house feel more personal to you. I have a few great ideas to help you on this quest. To make things a little more interesting, all my ideas are based around DIY!

Create Some Photo Collages

Photos are the easiest way to personalise your home. Think about it, if someone blindfolded you and took you into a house, how will you know whose home it is? You’ll look at the photos on the walls and recognise the people in them. Photos give your house a personal touch and surround you with memories. There’s nothing better than walking through your hallway and seeing old family pictures. It’s nostalgic and often the source of laughs as you see how ridiculous your hair used to look!

To make photos even better, you can do a couple of things. Firstly, you can create your own frames. This is a simple little DIY task, and you can get as creative as possible. Plus, you save money by not buying some of the, quite frankly, ridiculously priced photo frames out there! The second thing you can do is create photo collages. These are so great; I can’t stress how much I love them. It gives you a chance to go through all of your old family photos and pick out the best memories. Trust me; you’ll love making a photo collage, get the tissues ready because there may be some tears! As a bonus, it’s an excellent idea to do with the rest of your family too. Get the kids involved and make a proper afternoon out of it. So much fun, and makes your house feel so much more like your own.

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Design Your Own Furniture

Furniture is a big part of every home. The stuff we choose will have a huge impact on the overall look and theme of the house. So, when we go furniture shopping, it can take a long time. We’re on the lookout for stuff that’s visually appealing, while still being practical too. The problem I have with furniture shopping is that it can be hard to find a style I like. And, you know that the things you’re buying aren’t original. You may have them in your home, and Barbara down the road probably has them too.

I like having things that no one else does. Personally, I feel it makes my house feel more like my home. It adds a more personal feel to the place; I love it. So, to ensure you have furniture that’s unique and personal to you, make it! Design your own furniture, and make it too. I know, it may sound like a very tricky task. But, some furniture is really quick and easy to make. All you need to make a chair are some designs, material and Henkel adhesives to stick things together. It’s as simple as that. The more accomplished you get at making smaller things, the more confident you feel. Within a few months, you’ll be making bigger and more creative items!

Create Cool Storage Spaces

Another great way you can use DIY to personalise your home is by creating storage spaces. I know, this probably sounds like the most boring idea you’ve ever heard. No, don’t click off this post, let me explain!! Everybody has loads of clutter in their home, right? If you have kids, then your house is probably more clutter than anything else. And, you need space to store everything, you can’t keep chucking it in the loft. So, by getting your creative brain out, you can create some funky storage spaces in your home.

The best idea I’ve seen is to turn your stairs into little storage boxes. You can change each step so the top opens up and you can store stuff inside them. Now, try and tell me that doesn’t sound cool? Imagine having friends round and you just pop to the stairs and open one of them to get something from inside. They’ll be looking at each other wide-eyed and full of envy! Again, this gives your home more of a personal feel too. I bet very few people will have hidden storage spaces in their home; you’ll be unique! And, you’re getting a lot more out of your home too. You can get rid of so much clutter, and free up a load of space.

With these three quirky ideas, you can make your house feel so personal. The great thing is, they’re all DIY based, so you don’t have to fork out loads of cash!

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