Should Parents Have Date Night?

Should Parents Have Date Night?

Yes, parents should have date nights. In fact, anyone who has been in a relationship for a long time will be doing their relationship a favor by going out on dates.

You may think that dating is simply something that couples do in order to get to know each other more. Once you’ve been in a relationship for a few years, then what’s the point? And if, like many parents, you’ve been in a relationship for a good decade (or several!), then why bother?

Besides, it’s not just about the need, right? You’ve also got to consider the time it takes – not only to go on dates, but also to prepare them. After all, you’re parents now. Not only have you got a job to deal with, but you’ve also got kids that need care and attention!

But parents should have date nights for a variety of reasons. We’re going to take a look at some of the most important reasons right now. So get ready pick a date on your calendar and hire a babysitter! Find out more about hiring a babysitter at


Novelty is extremely important – not just in relationships, but in life in general. Novelty increases fun and interest, which is something you’re going to go a little crazy without after a while! Couples definitely feel more excited when there’s novelty in their life, and dates should provide just that. Think about adventurous date ideas if you want to further increase the novelty. Find out more at


Dates give you a really good chance to have a deep conversation – there’s something about the time, place, and mood that really encourages it. You’re going to get much better conversations than the ones you experience after work and at home while you’re cooking or looking after the kids. Communication is incredibly important because people change over time – and without frequent meaningful conversations, those changes end up surprising couples – and usually not in a good way.


Nostalgia is often a bad thing – it’s that dreadful yearning for days gone by that aren’t coming back. But sometimes nostalgia is simply the rekindling of an old joy, and that’s precisely the kind of thing you can spark by making sure you schedule a date night. You should consider going on dates that mimic your earlier dates when you were first getting to know each other. Read more about keeping things fresh at

Stress relief

Jobs and kids – they’re pretty great (well, the second one is, anyway, and that’s only when they’re behaving!), but they sure do take it out of you. Making sure you both de-stress is incredibly important, especially because stress builds up and damages your body and mind in more ways than you might think. This can eventually cause damage to your relationship. Dates are great for stress relief in more than one way. Not only do they provide a break from monotony and a chance to have fun, but that deeper conversation can unveil sources of concern, which your partner can then help you with. Read more about relationship stress at

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