New Year 2009/2010

New Year 2009/2010

Well shockingly it’s that time of year again and not only is it a new year we’re celebrating, but a whole new decade too! And how much has changed since then!

In 1999 I was a loud, brash, lazy 18 year old with my own flat, boyfriend working in the city and no job of my own. These days I’m a 28 year old mum of one, working part time in a job I may moan about, but secretly love, back with the same man I was with in 1999 after almost 10 years apart and I couldn’t be happier. We’ve had some bumps in the road along the way and I know there are challenges ahead, but I’m happy and healthy, as are M and E, and that’s all that matters.

In the 10 years since the new decade started, I left M and got a job as a holiday rep in the South of France (which I loved but I always regretted leaving him for, even if we probably met too young back then, so I comfort myself with the fact that this IS “our time” now), returned home and met E’s father who’s only use turned out to be providing me with my beautiful daughter as he certainly hasn’t been much use emotionally or financially other than “bringing the sperm” so to speak! Suffered from horrific post natal depression, which thankfully I beat. Worked as a debt collector and for the police, neither of which I ever imagined I would do and eventually managed to afford to reduce my hours down to part time so that I could take E to school and pick her up every day. Got engaged, only to find M again who made me realise that it was him I’d been waiting for for the last ten years (yes, vomit!!!) and my short lived engagement came to a prompt end soon after and spent the last 9 months blissfully happy back with M. Yes there’s been bad times, but there have also been moments of pure joy, such as giving birth to E, watching her smile or walk or talk for the first time, even sleep through the night for the first time, and they surely have to outweigh the bad!

In a decade that has seen us go from the “boom” years to a depression in a matter of months while our MP’s swindled the tax payer out of millions of pounds and agreed it would be a good idea to plough more of our money into the 2012 Olympics, even though it isn’t creating the much needed jobs for people out of work in the local area and taxes are rocketing to pay for it, plus with RPI being set at 3% for the coming year and most people wont be getting a pay rise to compensate, it seems as though 2010 will be another year the purse strings will be tightened. Where wars have been fought in Iraq and Afganistan and countless lives our brave soldiers have been lost. Al Quieda targeted numerous countries including America on 9/11 and the UK in July 2007 and the lives of thousands of innocent people were lost. Not forgetting Bird Flu/Swine Flu, MRSA etc. And political correctness has gone mad! I think with all that going on it’s lucky we are all still here and have our health!

But we have also had some great things happen or at least some important developments for our time – social networking has taken off with the invent of sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Bebo and more recently Twitter (although it must be said, I am still a Twitter virgin!), Mobile phone and internet technology has taken off big time with texting, wireless internet access and of course the widely criticised and also widely praised iphone! The UK went reality tv crazy – whether it was Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity, The X Factor, The Family, you name it we watched it! And of course one good thing was the world didn’t end either on the millennium or 09.09.09, which can only be a good thing! And not forgetting Barack Obama’s election in the US, which is a massively important piece of history!

On the celebrity side of things, in this year alone “Jordan” and Peter have dominated the headlines with their messy divorce and her subsequent dating of a cage fighting transvestite, SuBo has made it from Britain’s got Talent to world wide superstar, Britney Spears is actually doing a very good impression of “normal” following her very public breakdown (and good luck to her!), while our very own “Britney” Kerry Katona is still doing her upmost to screw up her life infront of the cameras, The Sugababes have done their bit for both employment and unemployment in this tough financial climate, by sacking the only remaining founding member and recruiting yet another Eurovision Song Contest reject! Cheryl Cole has become the nation’s darling, even if her husband is one of the biggest pillocks around, having actually been quoted as having the following conversation regarding his “unacceptable” payrise offer as he’d been hoping for more than £55k a week, which is more than most of us Brit’s earn in a year!: “When I heard Jonathan (Barnett) repeat the figure of £55k, I nearly swerved off the road. “He is taking the piss, Jonathan!” I yelled down the phone. I was so incensed. I was trembling with anger. I couldn’t’ believe what I’d heard.” Michael Jackson, “The King of Pop” died in June and the world wept, Jade Goody captured the nations hearts when her very public and brave battle with cancer came to an end, we later watched as her supposedly devastated husband was then pictured with numerous blondes only days after her death and eventually ended up being remanded in custody accused of gang raping a young girl! Posh Spice has been looking even more thin and pouty than usual and the new “Wag queen” Coleen Rooney give birth to a little boy – who hopefully takes after her rather than his father! Boy and Girl Bands made comebacks, each with a varying degree of success – Take That have stormed the charts and are apparently in talks with Robbie Williams for him to sing alongside them again, although his own comeback is also going pretty well for him too. And who would’ve thought that Gary Barlow would actually turn out to be far better looking than Mark Owen, getting older seems to agree with him! Boyzone were also setting about making a comeback when poor Stephen Gately died suddenly in Spain and East 17 attempted it too, and if it wasn’t for Brian Harvey punching Tony Mortimer, you never know we may have all been singing their hits again right now. The girls on the other hand saw the likes of the Spice Girls making themselves millions doing a one off concert tour and All Saints trying, but failing to concor the charts again. (although I actually quite liked their new material!)

All in all the last decade has been both amazing and terrifying for various reasons, but I cant help look back in fondness at the decade in which I went from a gobby teenager to a confident young woman – although I use the term “young” loosely! lol! 2010 is literally just around the corner and although I won’t be celebrating it at some glitzy party, rather finishing my ironing and having a glass of bucks fizz, I’m excited about the possibilities the future may bring.

Here’s hoping to a happy and healthy new year for everyone!

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