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#MySundayPhoto – At the Beach

After almost a week of being confined to the house with yet more germs, it was definitely time to blow away the cobwebs at the beach.

We decided on a beach we hadn’t visited before. One that is reached by descending over 200 steps down a cliff. And boy was it worth every one of those 200 steps. With rugged limestone cliffs rising on all three sides, beautiful wild flowers starting to bloom. Glorious soft red sand and crystal clear water, not to mention practically deserted. It was the perfect place to let off some steam and recharge our batteries in the sun.

I snapped this photo while the little one was off exploring the beach with his dad. Sat on my own in the middle of the beach, breathing in the fresh salty air. With the sun on my face and the sound of the waves gently lapping at the shore, it was the perfect 5 minutes of calm.



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