#MyFamilyAdventures in September

#MyFamilyAdventures in September

Oh so late to the party with this one. But much like September, I found this month slipped through my fingers so quickly. But, better late than never, as they say. And I was determined to get this #MyFamilyAdventures post written.

September was the month both children started their new schools. In a new country. For the little dude anyway. He’s never lived in England you see. Born in Spain and moving here from Malta, he is, at only 5 years of age, a fish out of water. Yet taking to his new home country without a backwards glance.

Despite being busy with school, settling into our new routines and catching up with family and friends, we still made time to get out and explore. Moving back to England has been like becoming expats all over again. And we’re certainly enjoying discovering our new local area and revisiting a few old favourites too.

We visited Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, Kent’s only safari style zoo park. And one both the teen and I visited when we were younger and were keen to return to. I’d promised the 5 year old we’d visit yet we didn’t make it until the end of the summer holidays. It was well worth the wait. Both kids loved the safari and a certain dinosaur obsessed child went crazy for the statues in Dinosaur Forest. We got absolutely soaked through that day, resorting to sheltering under the statues at one point, but we had an absolutely wonderful day. Coming home exhausted yet happy.

Another day out we enjoyed in September, was a trip to Dover Castle. Ever since I was a little girl and we used to make the trip down to Dover from just outside London to catch a ferry to France, I’d wanted to visit. Plus I’m desperately trying to impart my love of all things historical to the 5 year old. High on a hill overlooking the town and the English Channel, this imposing castle is a real sight to behold. And one the little dude was keen to explore. He loved running about in the castle grounds, following a winding staircase down into the hill itself and braving the medieval tunnels. Before climbing the tower and claiming his spot in the throne room. We’ve still got lots to explore. I honestly didn’t realise how big the castle and it’s grounds are, so we will definitely be back.

We also enjoyed exploring our new surroundings. With trips to the woods, countryside strolls and skimming stones on the beach. We’re lucky enough to have all of those things within just a few minutes walk, or indeed drive, of our new house. A quick trip in the car takes us to the beach and we only have to walk to the end of the road to see fields of sheep and cows. We really are lucky to live somewhere with so much to see on the doorstep. Much of it very new to the little one. He’d never even seen a sheep or a cow up close until we got here for example. And had never walked in the woods – there were no woods to walk through in Malta. It’s lovely to explore everything with him for the first time.

Here’s a peek at what we got up to this month:


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