My Family Adventures in March

Ah March. You were a weird month. One minute it looked as though Spring was on the horizon. The next it started snowing. Again. But I guess at least things weren’t boring.

The little dude loved the snow. It was only the second time he’d seen it settle in England having lived abroad since he was a baby. And as soon as he saw it when he woke up one morning he was itching to get outside. Probably because he couldn’t wait to cover me in snow. This boy’s snowball game is strong.

Of course, we also had World Book Day. For which he chose a Where’s Wally outfit. Again it was his first experience of dressing up for World Book Day and he had an absolute ball. Although I’m told he will be going as a character from Star Wars next year. Luckily he already has 5 billion outfits to choose from.

We headed to Howlett’s Wild Animal Park on Mother’s Day, thanks to their mums go free offer. It’s somewhere I went as a child and accompanied the moody teen to on school trips when she was around the same age and was keen to revisit. It’s just as lovely as I remembered. And the little dude really enjoyed their Ice Age installation, which featured the likes of Wooly Mammoths and Saber-Toothed Tigers.

The little dude’s project at school last term was the Emergency Services. He has really embraced the projects his class have done since he started his new school in September and is eagerly anticipating the next. Part of his project was a bake sale to raise funds for the class’s chosen charity – The RNLI. We made these cute Easter cupcakes. Well I say ‘made’ but I use that phrase lightly – I bought ready made cakes and we iced and decorated them. They went down a treat and were gone within minutes which he was so proud of. Even more so because his class managed to raise a fantastic £130!

We’re lucky enough to live right some gorgeous beaches. One of my favourites from when I was a child is Camber Sands, which we used to visit with my grandparents. These days we live much closer to the coast than we used to so when the little dude asked us if he could go digging for dinosaurs in the sand dunes again we knew where to take him. He loves nothing more than climbing the dunes, running down them and chasing his big sister across the sand.

I actually managed to get some gorgeous snaps of the teen while she was lounging around being all ‘moody teen’. We did attempt some of her and her crazy little brother together but didn’t get very far.

Then it was down onto the beach to dig for more fossils, hunt for shells and watch the horses gallop along the sand.

Here’s hoping April is just as much fun.


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