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Moving, Reviews and Wedding Planning #littleloves

Its been a busy week with my hours increasing again at work (thank god, it was getting hairy there for a while!) and I’m loving it. But then who wouldn’t enjoy working in social media, writing copy and editing the odd blog post for a living? I’m so lucky I can do a job I love from home that fits around the kids and in a field I wouldn’t have even considered if it hadn’t been for pressing publish on this blog back in 2009.

On the home front school for the teen is over for summer in just two weeks time, a prospect she’s thrilled about – me not so much. Moody teen under my feet for 12 weeks, no thanks! The little one is loving nursery and after a few months of being very shy at drop off, despite previously absolutely loving every moment, he’s back to walking in with a huge smile on his face which is great to see. There’s a possibility yet another international move may be on the cards for us in the next few months, although we’ll know more by the end of the month. Exciting yet stressful all at once, pretty much sums that up!

Anyway on to my #littleloves for the week:


Still on Game of Thrones, but almost 80% of the way through now and I’ve well and truly caught up with the tv programme, infact I may have overtaken bits of it slightly. I’ve just started reading No One Wants to be Miss Haversham too. It’s a bit easier going than Game of Thrones and more my normal ‘chick lit’ style.

This week the little one has been reviewing his very own Pirate Potty Book which has gone down really well, especially as we’ve just started potty training. My 13 year old is also lucky enough to be reviewing one of the Dork Diaries books. She loves the books in this series and they’ve been a real favourite with her since the first one came out a few years ago.


Blogwise I meant to get myself over to Hannah’s Mum’s Days Fit Club launch on Facebook on Wednesday but completely forgot. After losing 11lb in a week a few weeks ago I was all set to tackle my weight for good and I’ll definitely be keeping up with future posts in the Fit Club series.

I love this compilation post from Strange & Charmed linking to productivity, business and self improvement posts and will be having a god old read of all the posts Alexis linked to.

A great one from Elle & Co on Lauren’s 8 biggest business struggles and how she overcame them. A great post on its own and if you blog personally or for business this is a fab blog to follow and absolutely full of tips.

Proud in my Bikini from Vicky at Honest Mum is a great post about being confident in our own skin. It’s funny when I saw the pic that led to this post being written I tweeted Vicky to say I was weirdly kind of glad that underneath all her gorgeous clothes she was actually ‘normal’ just like the rest of us. I think I was imagining rock hard abs and not a stretch mark in sight!


Of course I watched Game of Thrones last week – not that you’ll be surprised as it regularly features in my #littleloves post each week, but oh my god it just keeps on getting better and better. It was an ‘on the edge of your seat’ kind of episode this week that’s for sure!

I’ve also been having a bit of a Don’t Tell the Bride marathon over the last week. I’m in the middle of a wedding planning course so I could pretend it’s for research, but really I’m just a sucker for a wedding.

My nightly Netflix indulgence has returned to Hart of Dixie, which I absolutely love. It’s so easy to watch, totally addictive and is such a feel good show you can’t help but love it. Plus the two male lead characters are GORGEOUS – which helps!


No gorgeous new buys for me unfortunately, but the little one has been sent some cute tops from House of Fraser to review, which he’s rather impressed with. Getting him to stay still while I take a photo of him in the tops is another matter entirely! Kids eh!House of Fraser Boys


One of my old favourites.


No making as such but I did make an effort to get cracking with the first big assignment on my wedding planning course. I’ve had to design a questionnaire to help pinpoint what prospective clients want from their wedding and put together a ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ themed wedding. I’m still halfway through the mood board/storytelling stage but I’m getting there and hoping to finish and submit it by the end of the week.

And Lastly………

What with the possibility of yet another move I’ve been in the mood for a bit of a clear out. I’ve gone through wardrobes and drawers and I’m about to tackle the garage/basement which has a huge amount of stuff in it. Hopefully I can make a bit of money out of some of our unwanted items or donate them to a charity shop. It’s amazing how a bit of a clear out can make you feel that much lighter – if only I could say I was a little lighter weight wise!

What have you been up to this week?



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