Measuring the perfect ring for your wedding

Measuring the perfect ring for your wedding

When you’re trying to find the perfect sized ring for your wedding, this can often be a difficult task. That’s why we would recommend being advised by a professional. Together with AC Silver, retailers of antique jewellery, we can advise you on how to measure yourself for the perfect ring:

Measuring your ring at home

You don’t have to just go to a jeweller to have your finger measured for a ring; this can also be done at home. By cutting a thin strip of paper, wrap this around the finger and then make a mark once the paper has gone the whole way around the finger. However, you should keep in mind that some designs are bigger than others, which will have an impact on your ring size.

Considering other factors

As well as your ring, you should also measure bank and shank width. A wider band used on a wedding ring will always have a tighter grip on your finger in comparison to a slender solitaire. A ring gauge will be used by a jeweller so that the size of the shank can be determined, which means that you’ll be able to get the perfect fit for your ring. The greater depth of the ring shank, the greater impact on the size of the ring, which may result in you having to go a ring size up.

As your body is adapting to your normal body temperature when you wake up, don’t try a ring first thing in the morning, as your fingers are generally smaller. A cold finger could be half a size smaller; what this means is that during the summer, your ring could become too tight – so the ring should always have some leverage and slack.

Remember, not all rings fit the same — different diamond cuts and types of ring are weighted differently and will rest on your finger at different angles; for larger cocktail rings with a heavy top, these should have a snugger fit. This helps to stop the ring spinning once it is on the finger.

Your ring should wiggle over the knuckle when you take your ring off too; it should not be too loose.

Known as a mandrel sizing tool or a ‘ring stick’, if you already have a ring to hand then you can measure it so that you know how big a wedding ring should be.

On the big day, if your ring isn’t measured properly then this will of course leave you and your partner disappointed. That’s why we recommend you use a professional that knows how to measure your ring above all other words of advice.

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