Meal Planning Monday


How quick do Mondays come around these days!?! This week is another one that may well change as we have visitors until Thursday, but the general meal plan goes something like this:


Spaghetti Bolognaise


Out for a meal with the man – first time since July – may be a teensy bit excited (yes I’m very sad)


Possibly out again for a ‘last night’ meal with my parents, although may well end up eating at home as the tween has a club this evening


The tween is always sad when her grandparents go home so it’ll be her choice for dinner tonight


The tween has yet another club to go to and we normally have fish and chips (so not good for the diet), may swap to chinese instead (again not great for the diet but a chow mein wont hurt)


Creamy Chicken and tarragon pots from The Hairy Dieters latest book


Roast dinner


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