How to Maximise Living Space Using Lighting

How to Maximise Living Space Using Lighting

Home is where the heart is. It is a central location where you come to unwind and relax from the daily pressures of life. However, when you have a family and kids, keeping your haven free from clutter, becomes a daily challenge. This is where designer lighting by LampCommerce steps in. When people try to make their spaces appear more spacious they think of buying storage, tidying and de-cluttering. However, there is a simpler solution – designer lighting. Lamps casting a beautiful glow can transform a room’s atmosphere. Here are some child-friendly suggestions to make rooms appear more spacious:

Creating a Centrepiece

living room

The Fabbian Aerostat pendant-hanging lamp is the perfect option if you want to add a classic and minimalist feel to your room. Made with beautiful polished white blown glass, the material is very light allowing it to suspend from a wire easily. This beautiful array of materials adds a curated feel to any room. If you really want to maximise your space, why not put the lamp on a coffee table or a central piece of furniture to bring items together. Due to its obscure, angular and distinctive shape, this lamp will never go unnoticed. The Fabbian Aerostat pendant-hanging lamp is available in two sizes and three different finishes of the metal base; black coated nickel, brass or shiny copper.

Simple Design


When trying to de-clutter your rooms, there are three popular pieces of advice; to get rid of inessentials, to use storage well or to use a simple design. The latter is an easy way to create a little slice of Zen bliss. They say less is more and looking at the Artemide designer lamp, the adage appears to be true. Coming in a range of sizes and dimensions in white and orange, the pieces offer a contemporary alternative. Consisting of square-based parallel pipes, the internal components are in white-painted steel to increase brightness. What is so unique about this design is that each lamp can connect to several elements together to form multiple lighting systems.

Calming Shapes

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VillaTosca Design, focusing on simple yet strategic principles, designed this distinctive Iceglobe hanging lamp. If you want to create a real wow-worthy lighting display, look no further. The futuristic design is sure to be a show-stopping piece, generating conversation in whatever room you choose to display it. The rounded shapes create a calm and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for putting in a bedroom or even as an artistic twist to your dining room. The beauty of the design is that you can place however many lamps in whatever combination, differentiating length and proximity to create a curated feel.

Personal Style

lounge area

Have you ever considered your go-to style? Perhaps it’s classic, retro or traditional. Regardless of your personal style, this Soho suspension lamp that comes in white, grey and black is a perfect accompaniment to any room. The clean, simple lines allow for a relaxing ambience. The large surface area of lighting illuminates the room, generating a lot of light and simultaneously maximises space. What is brilliant is the adaptability of the design as the lamp would work in a kitchen, dining room, living room or bedroom.

Distinctive Details

wall lighting

These Tripla wall lamps by Fabbian offer a modern yet avant-guard detailing to any room. The triangular shape is a tetrahedral, a three-dimensional shape that creates elaborate patterns of light once illuminated. This is a lovely and distinctive feature that can be added to a multiple of areas, such as the hallway, living room, kitchen or bedroom. They optimise lighting with a beautiful glow. Using a handful of lights in either a scattered or strategic pattern will offer a designer feel. Made of quality materials, these are unique lamps that will add a chic modern finish to any room.

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