Making the Most of a Smaller Loft Space

Making the Most of a Smaller Loft Space

Sometimes having a small loft space can feel like a bit of a dead end, with many people struggling to find a use for such a small space. With homes changing and adapting as quickly as they are, there are so many new and exciting ways in which you can transform your loft space, no matter how small, into a space that you can use and enjoy, whilst also adding a little more value to your property. If you’re struggling for uses for your small loft space, continue reading for some inspiration and useful tips!

A Home Library

There’s nothing quite like sneaking off into a quiet part of the house to get stuck into a good book, but sometimes that’s difficult when there’s lots of people scattered in each room. Having your own mini home library is a great way to keep your books in a neat, organised space, whilst also providing you with the perfect place to retire to and read. From as little as three or four shelves and a comfy seat you can transform your plain loft space into a home library, filled with your favourite literature pieces and having them all displayed beautifully for you to enjoy!

Chill Out Zone

Even though you have a living room and a kitchen, you sometimes need a space to just chill. Whether you decide to introduce a television or keep it as a quiet room, that’s up to you, but you can turn your loft space into a cosy chill out zone for you and your family to enjoy. Always find that someone’s watching a film or playing video games in the living room, but you just want to sit and listen to music? Well, now you have a solution to this problem. Positioning a chill out space in your loft simply opens up your home to give you more space to enjoy and relax. You could even use it for when you have friends over or when the youngsters have sleepovers, keeping everyone in their own space to do whatever they wish!

A Gym

It’s not always necessary to have a gym in your home, but after months of paying for a gym contract and never actually going, you may find that a home gym is just what you need. If you have a safe loft ladder to help you get into the space on a daily basis, there is nothing stopping you from adding some useful gym equipment and giving yourself a free space to workout, at your own pace, in private. Many people find it difficult to work out in front of others or to drag themselves out of the house and to the gym, and having your own space at home to work out will help you keep fit without having to worry about venturing out to the gym!

A Home Office

Suitable for working from home or simply getting the homework done, a home office is ideal for giving you somewhere to work quietly, with no distractions. Your loft space may be small, but if you can fit a desk and some shelving into the space then you have yourself the perfect place to do extra bits of work that may need finishing, or a place for your kids to go and quietly get on with their school work. From revision to sorting through the bills, you will find that an organised and neat home office may be just what you need to keep yourself organised and on top of everything.

Crafts Space

For those who are creative and always have to clear the kitchen table to do their craft work, a craft space in the loft is exactly what you’ll need. Having your own space to keep your crafty bits and bobs in an organised manor, with plenty of surface space to do your work will be perfect for you. The best thing about having a space like this is that if you begin a project, you can leave it there and go back whenever you have the time, instead of having to tidy everything away every time you need to use the table you’re working on.

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