Let There Be Light! Brightening Up a Dull Room in Your Home

Let There Be Light! Brightening Up a Dull Room in Your Home

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In a perfect world, we’d all live in south facing homes with great big windows and the sun would be pouring in all day long. But of course, that’s not the reality. Maybe your property faces the wrong direction, or perhaps it has small windows. Perhaps a neighbour’s tree blocks out a lot of your light. Either way, it can be frustrating when a room feels dark and dingy. Luckily there are some tips for helping to keep things bright, maximise the light you have coming in and generally make the space feel much more pleasant. Here’s how to go about it.

Paint The Walls a Light Colour

We all know that light colours make a room feel bigger, and dark colours draw it in. But this is a particularly useful point to bear in mind when you have a room that already feels a little dark. Repainting in a very light shade is your best bet, use white to completely maximise the effect. If white feels a bit stark or clinical for your tastes, go with an off white in the form of ivory, grey or a very light pastel shade instead. If you currently have a darker shade on the walls, just this alone will instantly make everywhere feel bigger and more open.

Use Mirrors

Not only are mirrors practical but make a great statement accessory in the home. But more importantly, in this case, they can help it to look brighter too. Mirrors will reflect back any light that enters the room giving it a much more brightened appearance. For the best result, aim to hang a large mirror opposite the window. Although anywhere in the room will still make a difference.

Have a Skylight Fitted

If your dark and dingy room happens to be in a single story extension or an attic room, a good way to brighten it up is with the use of a skylight. This is a window fitted directly into the roof, so even if there are trees or building at the front of your property blocking the light it won’t matter.

Cut Down Large Plants and Trees

Hedges at the front of houses can grow extremely tall, and before you know it they’re blocking a significant amount of light from your property. The same applies to trees, what was once a small and ornamental looking tree can grow to whopping heights within a few years. If the tree is on a neighboring property, you could have a word with them and ask if they would consider trimming or removing it. If the tree is on public land, you could speak to the council about it.

Consider Glass Doors

French doors or bi-fold doors leading out to your back garden are an excellent way to bring more light into the room. Floor to ceiling glass, or glass panels will allow tonnes of light to flood in. If you go with a customisable system such as Dewall timber system, it will give you more options. Glass doors also help the flow between the garden and the home too, this is especially nice in the summer when all of your plants and flowers are in full bloom.

Choose The Right Lighting

Finally, you’ll need to choose the right lighting. Go for a main overhead light that’s neither too large or too small for the space. You’ll then need to add secondary lighting sources, these help to set the mood and ambiance. For example, you’ll want a dimmer lamp for when you’re relaxing in the evening but something a little brighter if you’re eating or reading. Wall mounted sconces, a floor lamp and a couple of table lamps will give you a good selection of choices for setting the light and tone in the room.

Think About Window Treatments

Are heavy curtains blocking out a lot of light? If you want very thick or blackout curtains, one tip is to buy a curtain pole significantly wider than the window. Then you can open the curtains all the way, so they’re not blocking any of the light coming in. This will make the window look bigger too! If you have blinds or shutters up, these can block out a lot of light too even when they’re fully open. Switching to something like voile blinds instead will still give you privacy but let a lot more light in.


Following these simple points means a once dark and drab room can be transformed into a bright and airy space that you actually enjoy spending time in.

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