Learning, Make Up and Slimming World #littleloves

Learning, Make Up and Slimming World #littleloves

Only a day late with this weeks #littleloves! We’ve all been hit by a cold and sore throats courtesy of the 4 year old, who’s feeling rather sorry for himself. As much as I don’t like to see him feeling so ill, we’ve had a couple of days off nursery snuggling on the sofa and its been lovely (minus the germs). He’s normally such a whirlwind of activity that just cuddling on the sofa for longer than about 30 seconds is a rare occurrence these days, so for us both to fall asleep curled up together watching his programmes in the afternoons has been rather indulgent, for me anyway. He’s still my baby whether he thinks he’s a ‘big boy’ or not!

Anyway on to my #littleloves for the week.


Leave your mark

I started reading Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht, former Senior VP of Global Communications at Donna Karen, who was responsible for the famed Twitter account DKNY PR GIRL this week. It was one of those books that got recommended after I bought #Girlboss after Morgana recommended it in one of her #littleloves posts a while back and so far so good.

I also read The Vintage Guide to Love and Romance. More classic chic lit which follows Jess as she is dumped by her friend, colleague and housemate Summer when things start taking off in a big way on the blog Summer fronts, yet Jess has written for the past 2 years. Homeless, jobless and friendless following a string of disastrous drunken episodes, Jess finds herself at her long lost grandmothers. It turns out her grandmother was rather famous for her advice guides back in the day and sets about transforming a thoroughly modern Jess into a ‘lady’. Of course things don’t run quite as smoothly as her grandmother, or Jess, might have hoped and there’s lots of laughs and tears along the way. It’s another book I’ve devoured within a week and one I really enjoyed.


I’m doing a course in social media marketing online so I’ve been watching lots of videos related to the course. I’ve got 3 more left to watch, which I’m hoping to do this weekend and then a final exam. I’m already a Social Media Manager, so it’s not exactly new information, but I wanted a Diploma to add to my cv and have enroled on a digital marketing course too, which tackles SEO, PPC and lots of other stuff, which again, I do already use within the content side of my work, but I want that Diploma to add to my cv. Wish me luck!


Tenuous link alert. I made a decision to rejoin Slimming World and signed up online this morning. I have numerous slimming world recipes on my blog from when I was doing the plan before, so I’ll be trying out all my old favourites and updating all my old recipes with new photos as I go. Great excuse to use my new DSLR!



Nothing much really other than pjs and comfy clothes this week on account of feeling a bit rough. I did throw some make up on yesterday though and felt better for it. Amazing how a bit of lippy can make you feel that much better isn’t it!



I’ve been missing our old home in Spain a bit lately. My friends, the food, the sheer size of it and just the beauty of the place. I’ve been listening to a few of my favourite Spanish songs and although you’d think they would depress me, they actually make me smile. Plus who doesn’t love a bit of Enrique!

And lastly….

We’re hopefully booking up flights to stay with my family for my birthday and also at Christmas soon. We haven’t spent Christmas ‘back home’ for years so I’m really looking forward to it. My mums coming to stay with us in the next few weeks too so we’ll be booking ourselves a few spa treatments and the man and I will get a night out aswell. Can’t wait!



  1. January 30, 2016 / 6:45 pm

    Ah sorry you’ve been ill, hope your all starting to feel better! Good luck with the exam! The course sounds interesting! Hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

    • Mum Reinvented
      January 31, 2016 / 12:36 pm

      Thanks Anna Marie. I’m on the mend, unfortunately my partner has come down with a severe case of man flu – wish me luck! x

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