The ‘INs’ and ‘OUTs’ of Bringing Your Cat on Your Family Holiday

The ‘INs’ and ‘OUTs’ of Bringing Your Cat on Your Family Holiday

Cats, like any other pet, are a vital part of the family. They become a family member when they are introduced into a household, and form an attachment and a bond that are just as strong. Following this logic, no family member should be left behind when going on holiday. While, cats may be to a large extent considered very independent, that does not mean that they won’t miss you when you are away. Thankfully, nowadays there many companies, like, which will organize your cat’s shipment by plane, allowing you to sit back and relax and not worry on how to organize the trip by yourself. As you may know, it used to be next to impossible to take your pet abroad due to the border checks, not to mention the paperwork. Unless you were moving to a new country, taking your cat on holiday was quite complicated. But now things are different. Here are the steps to follow to make it your and your cat’s journey as smooth as possible.

Your first step is preparing a to-do-list of things to prepare your pet for travel. Which means organising your thoughts on what should be taken for your cat, if they would need something try and anticipate those needs by packing all the essentials, and more. Do not be afraid to do your research! You will find that the requirements for any pet to be travelling is to have a microchip, is to hold a passport, and last but not least is to have the rabies vaccination done, and documented at least three weeks before departure.

After, assessing that the basic requirements have been checked out of the list it is time to move on to the travel itself. Ask your veterinary for any advice, especially for long journeys that may affect any medical condition it may have. Your vet may decide to prescribe sedatives or medications so make sure you plan a check-up well in advance of your trip to consider their effects. Also bring along all their documentation and medical history in case of an emergency and for customs purposes.

A nice and comfy, large pet carrier naturally should be next on the list, especially if travelling by plane. Fill it with all their favourite play toys, soft cushions or padding, sweet scents, a non-spill water bowl, a good-sized litter box, and don’t forget catnip! That is not only a great way to make them enjoy the trip more but it also helps keep them sedated. Bring pet food and treats and plenty of water along—especially if travelling by car—until you find a store to buy supplies. Your cat needs comfort too, so check with your hotel to make sure they are pet-friendly and have pet facilities (which are a plus-such as pet toilets or grooming areas). Outdoor areas that are enclosed will maximize their enjoyment.

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