How to Keep On Top of the Housework When You Have Kids

How to Keep On Top of the Housework When You Have Kids

When you have kids, it may seem as if all tidying routines fly out of the window, along with a clean house, nice ornaments and your peaceful life. As soon as you have vacuumed one room, it may feel as if another is already crumbling into the ground. However, surprisingly, there are ways to keep your house as neat as possible when you have kids, whilst also teaching them how to clean themselves.

Cover Furniture

To ensure that arts and crafts and messy eaters do not damage your furnishings, you should invest in plastic coverings or tablecloths which can be easily wiped down. These can protect your furniture and can be easily cleaned separate from your table, or disposed of when they are beyond repair.

Minimise your Furniture

If you have a toddler, you should also think about the disruption that curious fingers can cause, and replace any breakable items with more sturdy ornaments. Either this, or you should cut down on the amount of ornaments you have on display, as these can be tempting as play-things and can end up in smashed vases and soil-covered floorboards.

Deep-Clean Your Upholstery

If you struggle to maintain a regular cleaning routine, you should consider regularly hiring a service to help you to keep your home furnishings intact. For instance, if your child has dropped their drink down your sofa or stained the carpet, hire Top 2 Bottom upholstery cleaning services that can help you to restore your furnishings to their previous state and ensure that they do not have lasting damage from young fingers.

Create Fun Storage Methods

Another way to ensure that your house stays clean when you have kids is by investing in storage containers for the kid’s toys, such as a toy chest, ensuring that they are all kept in one place and have a proper area where they are stored, rather than scattered across your floor. You can also make storage fun by having hanging racks/pockets for your children’s soft toys that you can label. Additionally, children will usually enjoy having a basket or cupboard that is all their own.

Make Cleaning a Fun Activity

The best way to encourage your kids to tidy away after themselves and help you with your cleaning routine, is to make cleaning a fun activity that you can both participate in together. For instance, you should try cleaning in time to a song or music, or encourage them to clean along with you by investing in a toy cleaning set complete with a mop, duster and dustpan and brush. You could also think about giving your child a small reward for cleaning properly, such as a bedtime story. Involving your child in your cleaning routine will help to maintain the tidiness of your house and reduce the time you will then have to spend cleaning it.

Therefore, you can both have children and a tidy house by utilising the right cleaning methods for you and ensuring that you protect your furnishings from harm.

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