How to Keep Motivated With Weight Loss Goals

How to Keep Motivated With Weight Loss Goals

The reality is that it’s often very difficult for a lot of people to lose weight and keep it off. You’re not alone if this describes your situation or you’re feeling frustrated with how you’ve been progressing in this area lately.

Remain optimistic and know that there are actions you can be taking that will help you reach your goals if you’re having trouble losing weight. It’s possible you haven’t truly been making this a top priority in your life, or maybe you’re stalling your own progress without even realising it. Take the time to read through these suggestions and make a note of which behaviours you’re going to start focusing on doing more of going forward.

Re-Evaluate Your Lifestyle

One useful and practical exercise to complete it you’re having trouble losing weight is to re-evaluate your lifestyle. For instance, it could be that you’re often very sedentary and sit around a lot or have too many “cheat days” so you’re truly not giving your body the chance to drop the unwanted pounds. Now is a good time to pick apart your daily habits and come up with better solutions that will help you to live a healthier lifestyle. Commit to turning off the television and finding hobbies that keep you physically active and help you to reduce and relieve stress.

Turn Your Hobby Into A Career

Another idea you may want to consider so you can lose weight more easily is to turn your hobby of working out into a career. Look into obtaining your personal training diploma so exercising becomes your job and you can learn how the body works and tips for better nutrition. As a personal trainer, you’ll gain the foundation you need to know what exercises are going to give you the best results and strategies for burning more calories throughout your day. You’ll naturally start to drop the weight once you’re engaged in personal training and focused on making getting into better shape your number one priority.

Focus on Portion Control

Be honest with yourself about not only what you’re eating regularly but how much of it you’re consuming at one time. If you’re having trouble losing weight, then think about focusing more time and energy on portion control. A few ways to eat less at one time include drinking a big glass of water before a meal and stopping eating before you actually feel full. If you have to, measure out your food and only eat the recommended amount of servings at each sitting, so you’re not overdoing it. Remember to fill your plate with fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins and take smaller portions of the carbohydrates and starches. The more you do this, the easier it’s going to be to shrink your stomach, and you’ll begin to feel fuller quicker.

Find A Workout Buddy

You may not be losing weight because you aren’t exercising regularly or getting in enough daily movement. It may help if you find a workout buddy who has similar health and fitness goals so you can hold each other accountable for exercising consistently. This way you can motivate each other to hit the gym when you’re tired or simply don’t feel like going. You can also pick up the phone and discuss what struggles or obstacles you’re each facing and brainstorm solutions that are going to help keep you on track to reaching your wellness goals. It can be difficult to feel inspired to work out each day when you’re trying to do it all alone, so an accountability partner may be all you need to get started on the right track again.

Cut out Sweets & Alcohol

A big reason you may not be losing any weight or are having trouble keeping it off is because you enjoy sweets and alcohol. While these may taste good to you, they’re not doing you any favours when it comes to you shedding unwanted pounds. Eating sweets and drinking alcohol are packed full of extra and empty calories and also can make you feel sluggish and tired after you consume them. If you’re having trouble losing weight, then consider cutting out these two items and seeing how your body reacts. Instead, find alternative healthy snacks that satisfy your sweet tooth and focus on drinking more water on a daily basis. It’s likely you won’t even miss them once you do because of how good you’ll feel and how much additional energy you’ll have.

Don’t Give up

It can be extremely frustrating to continue going strong with your healthy habits when you aren’t seeing the scale drop at all. When you’re having trouble losing weight, it’s important to keep yourself motivated to continue with your efforts and not give up on yourself. It can take time to lose weight and requires a lot of patience and perseverance on your part. The minute you give up trying is when you may start to actually gain more weight instead of maintaining it, which could be even worse for you in the long run. All it may take is you being honest with yourself about how you’ve truly been sticking or not sticking to your diet and exercise regimen and then making any necessary adjustments to your daily habits.


Use this advice for knowing what you can be doing differently when you’re having trouble losing weight. Be sure to write down specifically what it is you’re going to change going forward and then review the list regularly, so you stay on track. It’s also important to weigh yourself weekly and monitor what direction the scale is heading so you can see for yourself what’s working and what’s not.

Be open and honest about your struggles and confide in other people who are facing the same obstacles so that you don’t feel so alone. Most importantly, believe in yourself and know that you can drop the weight and keep it off if you’re strict about sticking to living a healthy lifestyle and not letting excuses about why you can’t do it get in your way.

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