How to Help Your Partner Overcome Their Insecurities

How to Help Your Partner Overcome Their Insecurities

Everyone would take their partner’s confidence issues away from them if they could. Yet, it can often feel easier said than done to increase your spouse’s self-esteem, as they might feel self-conscious about their appearance or capabilities. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to potentially help your partner overcome their insecurities.

Identify if You Are Contributing to Their Insecurities

You could unwittingly be contributing to your spouse’s insecurities. For example, you might be unaware you are belittling your partner in public, flirting with others, or never delivering on promises, which could impact their confidence levels. That is why you must have an honest discussion with your partner to identify if you are displaying behaviours that could be detrimental to their self-esteem. You can then provide them with the reassurance they need, and you could potentially alter your behaviour to help them overcome an insecurity, without compromising on your own personal happiness.

Attempt to Reassure Them

If your partner is suffering from insecurities with their appearance, you should prove how attractive you find them. For example, make a point of holding their hand in public, tenderly touching them to show affection, and complimenting them. It is important to remember that their insecurities could stem from a past relationship with a partner, so your actions could make them feel loved, supported, and attractive.

Show Your Support

Living with confidence issues could destroy your partner’s happiness, and it may make them feel anxious in public or could stop them from following their dreams. As a result, they might want to make changes to their life to start feeling better about themselves. For instance, if they are carrying excess weight, support their new diet and exercise routine. Also, if they are losing their hair, you could offer moral support and look into sorting an appointment for FUE hair transplants.

Don’t Try to Change Them

There is a difference between showing support and trying to change your partner. The more attention you give their insecurities, the worse they could start to feel about themselves. For example, dictating what your partner can or can’t eat when they are attempting to lose weight will not only hurt their feelings, but it can be disheartening. Try to be supportive instead of fixing their problems.

Accept Your Spouse

While there will be days when you might not always understand your spouse, you must learn to understand how their insecurities affect their daily life. Take the time to talk to your partner, so you can learn where their insecurities stem from, so you can relate to their issues and display a little patience.


There are many ways you can support your partner, so they can overcome their confidence issues. You simply need to sit down with your spouse to discuss their insecurities, and how various situations or behaviours can trigger their emotions. As a result, you can show more understanding and support to your spouse, which can help you to accept their vulnerabilities and could potentially strengthen your relationship even further.

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