How to Find New Clients for Your Side Hustle

How to Find New Clients for Your Side Hustle

When looking for new clients for your small business being run as a side hustle at home, you must be smart about it. You don’t have a tremendous amount of time to talk to prospects and you also have your own work to get completed for the existing clients too.

Getting new clients for SME’s is a challenge, for two reasons:

1) Knowing how to prospect & market successfully

2) Changing up how you do things to free up the time to do the marketing

Here’s how we’d suggest going about it.

Getting in Touch with Old Contacts

You have plenty of old contacts from previous job(s), friends and relatives, some of whom may be interested in the product or service that you offer. Sometimes they’re easy to find and other times you have just a name or an old email address to go on which you’re not sure they even use any longer.

When looking for current contact information, using a service like the is helpful to speed up the search for multiple people and complete the task sooner. The thing about finding prospects and going through the marketing effort to see whether they would be interested in your offering is to move quickly because at the end of the day, it’s a numbers game.

Keep the Product Line Simple Early On

For many side hustles, they’re being run either in the early mornings, the evening or just on the weekends (or some combination of all three). As well as money, one of the limiting factors is the available time that you have to expand your business while running it at the same time. For solopreneurs, the time crunch is even more acute.

Due to the limited time that side hustlers have each week, it’s preferable to launch with only one product line, if possible. Dealing with multiple products gets to be a time-consuming hassle and as most new home businesses don’t have a staff to deal with the administrative or customer services headache, the time to focus on finding new clients is limited in the extreme. Protect your time needed for marketing by limiting your product scope.

Outsource Smaller Tasks to Free Yourself for Marketing

Along with offering fewer products (see the previous point above), it’s a good idea to look at which small administrative tasks can be outsourced to a virtual assistant (VA). By outsourcing tasks that take you excessive time to complete or which you do not enjoy doing, frees you up to find new clients by being far more active than you usually have time to be.

The VA can be in the States, or elsewhere, like the Philippines. It depends on the type of task and whether you wish to keep it within the U.S. or take it offshore, and that’s a personal decision for every business owner looking to outsource. Try using which is a simple way to find freelancers and VA’s who can complete individual or batched tasks for an agreed price.

Look for Mutually-beneficial Co-Promotions

Try to find promotional opportunities where there’s a benefit for both parties. A local business may offer a product or service that’s a good companion to your own. A cross-promotion could increase the attractiveness of both offerings. It’s important to find opportunities that are well-balanced between both parties because people always want to know what’s in it for them with any joint business activity.

Finding new clients to continue expanding your side hustle to a point where it can be a full-time venture isn’t easy. It takes a singular focus on the tasks at hand and knowing when it’s best to hand off the simple stuff to free up time to build a larger client base or prepare the next product for launch.

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