How to Hide an Image for Pinterest in a WordPress Post

How to Hide an Image for Pinterest in a WordPress Post

Wondering how to hide your pinterest images within your blog posts? It’s not as hard as you might think. Here’s how you do it.

  • Create your image. I use canva as it has some great ready made templates you can use.
  • Click the ‘Add Media’ button at the top of your blog post as you usually would to add a ‘normal’ image.
  • Add the wording you want as your image title on Pinterest in the alt text box and insert the image into your blog post.

How to hide pinnable images on wordpress

  • Click on the Text tab where you’re creating your blog post (most people type their posts in the ‘Visual’ tab)
  • Locate the image html, which will look like this:

pinnable images on wordpress html

  • Insert the following before the above html code: <div style=”display:none;”>
  • Insert the following after the above html code: </div>
  • The full image code will then look like this:

pinnable images on wordpress image html

Go back to the Visual tab of your blog post and if you can no longer see your pinnable image it’s worked!

Pin your image as you normally would, selecting the special hidden pin to share your post.

Pinterest Tips

  • Create a ‘long pin’ for your posts instead of just pinning any old image. The best dimensions to use are 735 x 1102 and you’ll find using these pins get you many more post hits. They also look much better too.
  • If you have several boards you can pin your pin to (for example I could pin this one to both my Blogging and Social Media boards), pin the image to your first board and when the pop up appears asking if you’d like to see your pin on that board, click it and repin it from there to your second board. Doing so counts as a repin so you’re already boosting your pinterest stats without really doing anything.
  • Want to share your instagram pics direct to pinterest? On your phone click on the 3 little dots next to your profile name. Select Copy Share URL. Head to your pinterest app and paste the URL into the search box and it’ll bring up your image ready for you to pin.
  • Another thing worth remembering if you have low storage on your phone. Clear your pinterest cache. It’ll free up a whole load of space.
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