Hello to June!

Hello to June!

May was such a wonderful month, even more so than I’d anticipated. And June promises to be the same. June with it’s promised heatwave, clear blue skies (hopefully) and beautiful blousy peonies.

Here’s a few things I’m looking forward to this month:

Another Birthday

It’s my mum’s birthday this month. Which just so happens to coincide with Father’s Day. So I’m treating my mum, stepdad and the Mr to a joint birthday/Father’s Day lunch at a local gastro pub. The Mr and I have eaten there previously and the food was seriously good. I’m dreaming of a long leisurely lunch, followed by drinks in the beer garden. Here’s hoping the sun shines.

A Hotel Stay

I’m not technically looking forward to this one as it happened at the very beginning of the month. I booked my friend and myself into a hotel for the evening on the night of a ‘ladies night’ we were heading to with my sister. Having booked a double room I was more than surprised when I opened the door to a deluxe sea view suite. The room was gorgeous, with lots of special touches such as a free minibar, robes and slippers and lots more. We enjoyed an evening of delicious food, fabulous cocktails and entertainment, before falling into what is quite possibly the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in. Heaven. We’re already planning our next night away.

End of GCSEs

The teen’s GCSEs finish this month and I can’t wait to see the back of them if truth be told, neither can she no doubt. She has been going to extra lessons and revision sessions at school since September, even during the holidays and thankfully hasn’t let the pressure get to her too much. She has 9 exams left to go before she leaves school. When did my baby get so old?

Prom Night

Of course, you can’t leave school without a prom. These days anyway – I didn’t even get a school disco (I’m not bitter, honest)! The teen and her friends have been planning for their prom for months. The dress has been bought. The playlist has been selected. We just need to get the shoes – glitter or lace converse apparently. My girl certainly has her own sense of style, that’s for sure.

A Little Woo Woo

Last month my sister and I went to a clairvoyant evening. We fancied doing something different and it certainly was that. We decided to go back again and take my friend with us. Although this time we’ll also be heading for dinner and drinks afterwards. My diet is going to take another bashing this month, isn’t it.

What are you looking forward to this month?

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