Hello to July!

Hello to July!

If I thought May was good, with so many things to celebrate June could well have been even better. It was a month full of fun, family, friendship and laughter. Not to mention all that glorious sunshine. Here’s hoping July will be the same.

As much as I enjoy reflecting on my #littleloves each month, I’m really enjoying writing posts at the beginning of the month too. We’ll pretend it’s still the beginning of the month, shall we? Highlighting the things I’m looking forward to is a great way to start off the month and I love looking back over them.

So without further ado, here’s what’s made it into my list for July.

My birthday

Who doesn’t love a birthday? I don’t actually have anything concrete planned yet. Which needs to be rectified pretty sharpish seeing as my birthday is next weekend. But I do plan on celebrating as much as possible. The Mr is taking me for dinner at one of my favourite restaurants overlooking the local harbour and a night out with ‘the girls’ is definitely in order too.

End of school/summer holidays

I’m looking forward to switching my alarm off once the 20th July rolls around that’s for sure. Six whole weeks without having to set my alarm cannot come quick enough. Of course, this is the part where I probably should be saying how much I can’t wait to spend time with my kids. But I’m realistic. The moody teen will be away for the vast majority of the summer holidays and when she isn’t will be welded to her bed until at least midday. The little dude will require constant entertaining and by the end of the first week I’ll be wishing I’d booked him into a holiday club and sobbing into my gin. But there will be lay-ins and the odd trip to the beach or the park and whatever dinosaur related attraction the little dude is obsessed with at the time. So it won’t be too shabby.


As mentioned, the moody teen will be away most of the summer holidays. While writing that sentence it dawned on me that’s four whole weeks of her being too busy or out of the house to make too much mess in her pit of a bedroom. Now that’s cause to celebrate! She’s off to an activity centre for a week, followed by a week in halls at uni, then two weeks working on a community project in the local area. She’s so excited to be going, her excitement is infectious. And what a great way to spend the holidays. Having fun, making friends and learning skills she’ll carry with her for life. And did I mention I won’t have to ask her to tidy her room for a WHOLE MONTH!?!

Soul Sister

Also known as my little sister. On my birthday she has an open-air gig so we’ll be heading to watch her sing. Her singing is a recent thing, so having lived abroad for a few years I’ve never heard her sing live. So on my birthday, you’ll find me sitting in a park, drink in hand – it is my birthday after all, listening to my crazy little sister singing.

A Medal

Not for me. But a posthumous medal for my grandad who passed away last year, which will be presented to my family during a military parade. This is the Ordre national de la Légion d’honneur, the highest military honour in France. Awarded to my lovely grandad for his part in the D-Day landings. Which in the grand scheme of things was just a tiny part of his time in the army. I’m so proud of him. He was such a humble man. He barely even spoke of his time in the army in World War II, brushing it under the carpet instead of talking about what he went through. Probably because he preferred not to relive it. What he did during the war is the stuff films are made of. And regardless of how modest he was, he was a true hero.

What are you looking forward to in July?

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