Hello January

Hello January

January. 2019. You’ve sure come around quickly. I may have said that about the month of December, but January is somehow different. I guess it’s because it ushers in a whole new year. Full of hope and possibility. Well, here’s hoping anyway.

And along with the promise of new things to come, coupled with a bit of uncertainty, here’s what I’m looking forward to this month:


I guess this one is more for the little dude than me, but I can’t wait to see his face when we hit Dinotropolis in Bluewater this month. We’ve been meaning to book to take him since it opened in November and I finally got around to it today. We’ll be heading there with friends whose son just so happens to be his dino bestie. And I’m sure he’ll enjoy spending the birthday and christmas money currently burning a hole in his pocket. On yet more dinosaur goodies no doubt.


Back in October my friend and I booked in to have our cards read and the time has finally come for us to go. I haven’t had my cards read for well over ten years. And it was this lady we’ve booked in to see who did it. Back then she told me an awful lot of stuff I rolled my eyes at never imagining that every little detail would come true. And I’m not just talking vague obscure rubbish anyone could have a random guess at. She told me things no one else could possibly have known. And things I didn’t even know at the time. So while I’ll no doubt take what she says with a pinch of salt again, I’m also intrigued as to what she might have to say this time around. Not to mention it’s another excuse to get together with my best friend for lunch and a catch up.

A Birthday

The teen is turning 17 this month. I can’t even begin to imagine when that sentence will start making sense to me. Seventeen. How did that tiny baby they placed in my arms when I was just 20 get to be so old? And while I contemplate the fact my first baby really is growing up over a meal with my friend, the birthday girl will be heading to her first concert with my sister to see her favourite band. She is so excited. Even more so because the concert falls the night of her birthday. The celebrations will be carrying on later on in the month with another trip to Bluewater for a huge spending spree with her cousin. I’ve promised them both a makeup lesson on one of the makeup counters as well as a meal at a restaurant of their choosing as long as I get to sit in a cafe and mind the bags while they shop til they drop.

So there you have it, a few of the things I’m looking forward to this month. What are you up to in January?

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