Healthy Lifestyle | Diet Week Four

Healthy Lifestyle | Diet Week Four

Another week working towards a healthier me. I won’t lie, there have been the odd day or two over the last two weeks I’ve wanted to faceplant a chocolate cake. But I’ve somehow managed to stay on track.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still been the odd treat, I’ve discovered mint oreos for starters. But all contained within my 1500 calories for the day. Looking back on MyFitnessPal I’ve only gone over my calorie allowance once in 28 days. And for me that must be some kind of a record.

These last two weeks I’ve been getting a little bored of the same old food and even made do with chips out of a packet a few nights when I’ve been rushing around. So at the weekend I made sure I sat down and planned our meals for the next week. And our meal plan is certainly looking a lot more interesting than it has done of late.

Here’s a little glimpse of what’s on the menu this week:

Greek style aubergines stuffed with lamb mince

Parmesan chicken

‘Leeky’ chicken pie

Spaghetti bolognaise

Super summer chicken stew

Chicken Jalfrezi

All courtesy of Tonia Buxton, Nadia Sawalha and The Hairy Dieters. I do love their ‘diet’ recipe books, such a source of inspiration when I’m totally lacking in it.


I’ve lost another 3lb, bringing me to a total of 10lb off in 4 weeks. I’m happy with that as I know it’s a gradual thing, but I can’t help comparing it to my past weight losses. In my 20s I was dropping 10lb in a week. I’m beginning to believe the whole losing weight is harder once you’re out of your 20s thing. I can’t imagine dropping that much in a week these days.

The water drinking has continued. I might have 2 glasses of Pepsi Max a week now. Considering it was at least 2 litres a day just a month ago, I think that’s pretty good going. I think my body is getting used to all that water now too. I’m no longer peeing every five seconds (I’m such a lady, I know) and my skin has finally got that subtle glow you hear about.

My whole attitude to food is changing. I went to a restaurant at the weekend and had my first meal out in a month. I chose a healthy wrap, split a portion of chips three ways and then had one fork full of cake. A fork full! How the hell I ever managed to have that much self control I’ll never know. It’s funny but I’ve really adjusted my mindset now and if I’m going to treat myself to something, it has to be something really worth my while now. Who is this woman who seems to have taken over my body!?!

I haven’t noticed any difference in my clothes. They were all too small to begin with. And when you have a lot of weight to lose you kind of have to lose a lot before it begins to show. Hopefully by the end of March I’ll start to see a difference as it’s always that bit more motivating when you can actually see the results of your hard work isn’t it.

Wish me luck!

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