Half Term Fun, Dinosaur Forest & Sunshine #littleloves

Half Term Fun, Dinosaur Forest & Sunshine #littleloves

How on earth we’re almost at the end of half term is beyond me. It hasn’t quite been the outing packed half term I’d hoped for, thanks to having to make several 500 mile round trips to see an elderly relative who wound up in hospital over the weekend, but we’ve made the most of the time we have had together.

We’ve been to a wildlife park, a witches and wizards themed show, an escape room and for a walk along the seafront, where we got snowed on completely out of the blue. The weather has been lovely, especially the last few days. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to this cold again but I must admit feeling the sun on my face instead of a Baltic wind has been wonderful. Here’s hoping it will continue.

So without further rambling, here’s what we’ve been loving this week:


I’ve just finished reading the second part in the Ottercombe Bay series by Bella Osborne. It’s a great little series and I love the fact it’s published in bite-sized pieces and isn’t a book you have to concentrate too hard on. It follows Daisy as she returns to her childhood home after her uncle passes away, leaving her a derelict old railway building. Having run away following the death of her mother, it’s the last place she wants to be, let alone saddled with an old building she can’t sell. But of course, life has other plans for Daisy. I’m looking forward to the 3rd part being published so I can pick up where this one left off.

Blog-wise I loved this post about overcoming creative block on instagram from Dominique at All That is She, who has the most stunning insta feed. I don’t think I’ve posted on my blog’s instagram in over a month. My weight loss account yes. I take photos of pretty much everything I put into my mouth these days. Yes I’m THAT weirdo sitting there refusing to take a bite of her food until she’s taken 95,000 photos of it. I guess it’s helping me lose weight as I shifted another 1 1/2lb this week, but the more time I spend taking photos of my food, the less time I’m photographing everything else. Here’s hoping the new phone I treated myself to this week will encourage me to get back to taking photos when I can’t be bothered to lug the DSLR out with me.


I watched Wonder which was just the most wonderful inspiring film about friendship and bravery. I may have sobbed at the end. Happy sobs, but enough to make the teen point and laugh at me (she’s so lovely).

I also watched 3 Billboards which is a really brilliant film about a mother who’s daughter was brutally murdered and the lengths she goes to in order to track down her killer. It’s one of those sweary, rough around the edges, shocking in places films, but it had me hooked from the start.


I ‘made’ a purchase – a new phone. My old phone wasn’t particularly old. I only bought it in July, but the touchscreen was a nightmare and the camera was just horrendous. So I thought why not treat myself to a phone with a really good camera and one that will last for a few years. Is that wishful thinking when you have kids?


I know I don’t usually manage to fill this section, but I did treat myself to this lovely dress when I nipped into Sainsbury’s the other day. And made a 25% saving to boot. I wore it yesterday and it’s really flattering despite being something I probably wouldn’t normally wear.

There may have been a jumping up and down moment yesterday too when I tried on a pair of skinny jeans in my normal size and realised how baggy they were. They were another bargain in the Sainsbury’s 25% off event this week, so I’ll be taking them back and grabbing myself a smaller pair. Slimming World is paying off it seems!


This little dude rambling on about dinosaurs pretty much non stop all week. I thought he’d left his dinosaur obsession behind since his love of Star Wars seemed to eclipse it, but I was wrong. After our trip to the wildlife park on Monday, where they have a fabulous dinosaur forest, he hasn’t stopped telling me all about them. And I mean ALL about them. What this kid doesn’t know about dinosaurs isn’t worth knowing. Although if I hear about dinosaurs one more time I may have to hit the bottle.

And lastly…

Despite things being a bit crazy here this week, it has been a great week. We’ve had loads of fun and visited a few new places too. This weekend we’ll be stretching our legs with a walk somewhere, enjoying a roast with the in-laws and getting ready for school next week.

Have a great weekend whatever you get up to.


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  1. February 18, 2018 / 7:54 am

    That dress looks lovely, very comfy! My little one loves Dinosaurs too but his obsession has dwindled a little. He is more into sharks and the ocean, we are watching Finding Nemo as I type. Completely Daddy’s fault (he’s obsessed with the ocean and has a passion for scuba diving). Sorry to hear about your relative that has been unwell, sounds like that has been tough for you.
    It sounds like you have had a lovely half term! Enjoy you Sunday xx

  2. February 18, 2018 / 5:42 pm

    It sounds like you packed loads of fun into half term, ours is just beginning. 3 Billboards sounds like my kind of film, Wonder looks great too but I think I will need lots of tissues ready. That dress is gorgeous and what a bargain ! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend x #littleloves

  3. February 19, 2018 / 9:55 pm

    Oh so sorry about your relative thats sad. OMG you have seen Wonder, I just adored the book so cant wait to see the film. I love that dress its so pretty you can pick some great bits up from Sainsburys cant you x

  4. February 22, 2018 / 1:05 pm

    I’m desperate to go and see 3 Billboards. I think it might have to be one I go and see in the daytime on my own. I need to get on and book a ticket before I miss it! xx

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