Going on a Road Trip This Summer? Make Sure Your Car is Road Trip Ready

Going on a Road Trip This Summer? Make Sure Your Car is Road Trip Ready

Who doesn’t love a road trip? We’ve done a fair few over the years, especially when we were living abroad. Coming back to the UK to visit family and friends often saw us hiring a car and heading around the country on a whistle-stop tour.

These days things are a little more sedate as we’re no longer on a clock, trying to cram in visits to everyone we know all within a week. And we’re already planning a trip to Dorset to indulge the little dude’s love of dinosaurs on the Jurassic Coast, stopping off in the New Forest on the way.

But is our car ready for it? It certainly needs a little TLC before we brave driving a few hundred miles, that’s for sure. Can you imagine breaking down on the motorway with a bored 16 year old and hyper 6 year old in tow? I don’t even want to think about it. With that in mind, this is what we’ll be doing to avoid any issues along the way:

Check the tyres

Are your tyres up to scratch? Do you know the legal tread depth? If it’s not just a case of adding some extra air to your tyres before your road trip you can book tyres online & get them locally fitted in London at Iverson Tyres London Branch. Don’t underestimate the importance of good tyres.

Check your lights

How do you know if your lights aren’t working? Especially the back ones. You don’t unless someone tells you. Before you go on a long trip make sure you get someone to help you check your lights. Why not carry spare bulbs in the car too?

Check your brakes

Have you noticed your brakes aren’t quite as sharp as they used to be? Do you hear a grinding noise when you hit the brakes? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you need to get your brakes looked at. Motorway driving and the good old British summer aka torrential rain, can both affect the braking ability of your car. Make sure your brakes are up to the task and get them looked at before you travel.

Get your car serviced

Think your car might benefit from a proper once-over by a professional before you head off on your road trip? Why not book it in for a service? They will check everything for you and let you know if anything needs repairing or replacing, putting your mind at rest before you travel.

What else might you need for your journey? A breakdown kit in the boot including a hazard warning triangle, torch and batteries, tow rope, jump leads, pump for your tyres incase of a puncture and a high vis vest wouldn’t go amiss. Not to mention a blanket, first aid kit, water and snacks ‘just in case’. It’s better to be safe than sorry when you travel after all.

And don’t forget something to entertain the kids if they’ll be joining you on your road trip. Bored kids + long car journeys don’t mix.

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