Getting Crafty This Christmas

Everyone who knows me will know that although I have good intentions in terms of crafting my efforts never really come to much. I do love giving it a go though and the kids love trying their hand at making things. Luckily for them we were sent some lovely crafty bits to make this year and we’ve loved making them together.

We were sent a pack of cute masks that both the tween and the toddler loved colouring in – you can see the tweens masks below (the toddler may have taken his to his birthday party in a soft play centre with him and they got a bit squashed), a cute owl door stop, which the toddler has claimed as a soft toy and two sweet little robins to hang on the tree.

PicMonkey Collage

The packs came with instructions and were so easy to follow even I could do them (although I didn’t master the blanket stitch needed for the robins and I just did what I could – who’d have known I took textiles as a GCSE!). They also contained all you needed to make both the owl and the robins, except the glue and some needles, which I already had at home from yet another failed crafting attempt.

The masks came in handy on the morning of the little ones party when I was trying to get myself ready and kept him busy doing a bit of colouring and as there’s several in a pack both he and the tween have made more since. The owl was a late night project of mine sat infront of my latest favourite tv series on my laptop in bed and once I stitched him together the tween stuck on the eyes etc. He could be personalised further, but the toddler stole him before we got a chance! The robins were really quick and easy to put together and the tween and I did one each in under 15 minutes. Again we could have personalised them with the kids names on their little red bellies, but knowing how my sewing is I decided against it. It was a lovely way to spend a few minutes together once the crazy toddler had gone to bed and we may well attempt a little more crafting in the future together with the help of such kits.

If you want to try your hand at a little Christmas decoration making, head down to Hobbycraft, or visit their website.

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