Genuine Ways to Earn Money as a Busy Mum (That Aren’t Surveys!)

Genuine Ways to Earn Money as a Busy Mum (That Aren’t Surveys!)

Earning a living around raising a family is difficult, and is something that women across the globe have been struggling with for decades now. Thankfully, the world we live in is changing and work is now a lot more flexible than it once was. More people than ever are self employed, and many can earn a living right from their own home. This means earning a living around having children is much more doable, and means women have more options when it comes to work than they once did. Here are some legitimate ways to earn money as a busy mum- no silly surveys in sight!

Start a blog

Blogging can be incredibly lucrative. Advertisers like working with blogs as they know how influential they can be, so are prepared to pay a good amount of money to cooperate with them. This means you can essentially earn money from your hobby- blogging is a lot of fun, allows you to improve your skills and even meet like minded people. However, it’s important to be aware that the money won’t come right away, and it won’t come easy either. You need to spend time (often years) building up your site. Putting out great content, drawing in a reader and keeping them coming back again and again. You need to produce articles that other high quality websites are linking to as a source of reference, you can also achieve this by link swapping with other bloggers. Start your blog off purely as a hobby, create lots of interesting content and enjoy yourself in the process. Later down the line you can look into monetising, or sponsors will contact you directly. It costs next to nothing to get started and it’s something you can do from home in your spare time- as little or much as you like.

Start a home based business

There are plenty of ideas for home based businesses that work well for busy mums. First of all, if you have a skill then you could utilise it. If you’re a skilled artist or designer, you could create custom pieces or make digital art that can be sold on sites like Etsy. If you love to bake you could start a baking business, you could even take a class in cake decoration to take your skills to the next level. You could buy and sell items for a profit, or offer online services such as tutoring or consultation. There’s plenty of software out there to make life easier, if you need to verify a customer’s identity software means achieving KYC requirements made simpler, if you need to create a legally binding contract again you can utilise software without needing to contact a solicitor every time. Software can even automate entire areas of your business, saving you time and money.

Find a home based position

You can have all of the benefits of being an employee (such as holiday days/ annual leave and workers rights) while still working from home. Just find a company that hires remotely, this will usually involve some form of work from a computer. You’ll have deadlines to meet, but the workload can be fitted around your day as needed.


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  1. February 8, 2019 / 2:35 pm

    These are great, I have a few different home based jobs/businesses and I highly recommend it!

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